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DX-1118 C

Just a squiggly tentacle thing with a severed limb to type with.

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That bio is one of the very few things that actually got me to chuckle

May I ask why it is that I can't add stories in The Best Stories (2.0) in the Crossover/Human/Alternate Universe folder.

1321979 Nevermind. I see what's going on. I think that the favorite slides on the stories don't show every-pony that favorited it. I know that you still favorited it. Sorry my friend:twilightblush: If you did unfave it, please favorite it again if you really like "Spike and the Mane-iac." Again, sorry about that.:twilightblush:

1321319 I unfaved it? Strange. Must have misclicked or something.

Hey, I was wondering, Why don't you like Spike and the Mane-iac anymore? It's okay if you unfavorited it, I was just wondering why.

  • Viewing 158 - 162 of 162
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