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Do you really think you can fix the world when you can't even clean your room?

Sarcasm: the last refuge when your soul is intrusively invaded

My Favorite Game

My Favorite Book

About myself

I better stack these facts about myself in point form. Loads easier to organize, and better for you lot as well.

-I'm a business marketing student.

-I'm a gamer (my favorites include, in no particular order or numbered entree: Witcher, Elder Scrolls, BioShock, Dark Souls, Ace Attorney...)

-My favorite genres to write are adventure, mystery, and existential philosophy. Save me from that last one.

-I avoid reading romance fics like the Bubonic Plague.

-My writing progress is inherently slow, but I like to think of myself as a prioritizer: that's to say, quality over quantity, or some such.

-I value a sense of humour in anyone.

-I was born in Brazil, but I'm first and foremost a Canadian. Maple syrup, man.

-I can serve as either a proof-reader and/or pre-reader. I'm ready to look at your story if you want.

My Services

Two things to know about me in this section:
1) I'm a proof-reader
2) I'm a reviewer

If you want me to look over your story for some much-needed polish, either PM me or drop a comment. Although I won't proof-read anything; I actually have to like the story. Go figure.

Secondly, if you're looking for me to review your work, know that I'm an admin at the Blunt Reviews Group, with all that that implies. For an alternative, I can review stories in my blog posts. PM or comment, same deal.

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Fair enough. I'll pick up Crime today then.

Thanks for the advice!

Sure, though it depends on how far you got in TBK and Demons. The latter is very slow for the first 200 pages, but what follows, and especially the last third, is amazing. TBK is Dosto’s most complex work, so it should definitely be read last once you’ve grappled with his philosophy. I read it pretty easily so I’m not sure what got you stuck. There’s a lot of exposition in the beginning, but once you get to Book 4 or 5 is where you’ll get to the meat of the novel. What follows after that is largely plot-driven with the murder of Fyodor.

The best thing to read after Notes is Crime and Punishment, because both novels are very similar philosophically, and C&P was written right after Notes. C&P is a very accessible novel, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Good Jordan Peterson quote. Also, tried reading Dostovsky—Brothers and demons—but only Notes from the Underground struck. You have any advice for reading him?

2619997 Thanks! Let me know if the username "LoneUnicornWriter" rings a bell. :raritywink: If that doesn't, then that just means to me I've been away too long.^^

  • Viewing 149 - 153 of 153
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