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What a nice birthday present · 11:53am Last Wednesday

Thank you, everyone, who has read, liked, and/or favorited this story!

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Feel free to check out my other short stories, as I think they're probably the most realized work I have on here. :raritywink:

Deep #104 · 1 week ago · · ·



Stop being so good at writing.

(Please don't)

That's okay. I felt devastated and angry that Tara Strong said Twilight wouldn't return for G5, because I love Twilight so much and I never wanted to say goodbye to her and her Mane Six friends. Thanks for your feedback once again!

That's a solid revision, definitely! I'd only recommend that you take the original version and put it in an Author's Note on the first chapter, or otherwise just remove it. We don't need to know that this is your continuation of the show, because the story as an idea demonstrates that already.

Hey, I've followed your feedback and have changed the long description of my own story. What do you think? Isn't there something I need to delete?

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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