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Non-Pony Project Up and Running · 2:41am Oct 29th, 2015

Hey everybody,

It's been a while. Life treating you right? Yeah? That's good, man. That's real good.

H'okay, enough small talk. The reason I'm posting this is to let all interested parties know that I've started up a new writing project. It's an original story that I wrote because it seemed like fun and I had the time. For those who consider non-pony literature a blasmephy, crucify me now. For the others, you can check it out at Wattpad.com. Just search for GentlemanJ and the story The Man Who Wore a Silver Skull, or more conveniently, click the link here.

Considering it's my first original project, not sure how it reads. I personally like it, but if I ever want to get anything really published, I'll need a whole heap of work. So if any of you are willing and able to provide feedback so I can keep on improving, I'd sure as peas appreciate it.

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Report GentlemanJ · 365 views · Story: When the Man Comes Around ·

The Journey of Graves: Season 1

  • When the Man Comes Around As Ponyville prepares for arriving royal marshals, a new traveler quietly slips into town. by GentlemanJ 22,211 words · 25,800 views · 1,507 likes · 49 dislikes
  • So... What Happens Next? Ordered to stay in Ponyville, Graves finds that his new life will take some getting used to. by GentlemanJ 7,070 words · 11,549 views · 1,087 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Trouble Meets Disaster Marshal Graves gets settled in, but is called away on duty. Oddly enough, Sweetie Belle tags along. by GentlemanJ 13,521 words · 10,501 views · 993 likes · 19 dislikes
  • Two Kinds of Complications Rarity wants a date. Sweetie Belle wants a brother. Lucky Graves just wants a day without headaches. by GentlemanJ 14,433 words · 10,555 views · 974 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Untangling the Knot by GentlemanJ 21,591 words · 9,728 views · 965 likes · 19 dislikes
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