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I'm a guy named Dumb who occasionally gets his derriere in gear and writes HiE epics involving space, Gods, and other silly nonsense. Also edits/reviews stories, for those who are looking for that.

Editing and Review Queue

Editing: Yes, I edit things! I see things, I like things, I offer to do things for the things; great deal of fun. While I may not be precisely 'open' for people to freely clamor in and to ask me as an editor if they need one, I will check any stories that require a skim (should I have the time) and if it peaks my interests, I'll let you know. [I do not dislike any genre, so it doesn't matter what you want me to read.]

The following is people, and the stories I am editing for said people:

1. Pen Mightier [fiction: 1000 Virgin Mares, 1 Frickin' Badass Dark Overdude, Infinite Facehoofing]
2. Pen Mightiner [fiction: The King of the Night and the Midnight Empire]
3. Pen Mightinier [fiction: All Butlers are Gentlemen, But...]
4. xXElite AlicornXx [fiction: Star Fall]

Reviews: I also do these little numbers! Give me a story, and I'll probably leave some detailed critique, if you so ask it of me. While it escapes me which stories I've previously reviewed for, I will assure I'm at least semi-competent in that field.

The following is the back-log of stories I need to make a review for:

1. None! Free as a bird.

Completed Items:

Editing Jobs: Soft Story [fiction: Dreams About Friendship Are Magic], stanku [fiction: Twilight Socks]

Review Jobs: None. :(

Latest Stories

Psst. Super Secret Box.

Whoa. What are you doing all the way down here? Well, no matter: have a reward for spelunking: progressive metal!


Obligatory One-Hundred Follower Post (Plus WTIN news) · 5:33pm Aug 13th, 2014

Hooray! I reached a level of popularity! I'd spam .gifs to show my appreciation, but the last time I did that was a bit of a bad idea, so I'll just use one.

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Report Dumbgamer99 · 555 views · Story: Well, This is New... ·

A Brief Insight: Dumb

Ello, friends and foes. Seeing how I've been kicking around this site for some years now, I figured it was high-time I spilt some beans about myself and let you in on some of the dirt involving 'ole Dumb here.

1.) I'm a super laid-back guy, so if you ever want to communicate with me and just take the piss, I'm down for it.

2.) I curse. Quite a bit, actually. It's a bit uncouth, if you would, but I'm just used to doing it. If it offends you, sorry; I can try and limit it in our conversations, but my stories tend to stay the way they are on the matter.

3.) I'm a British-American chap spending his final days in high-school before the government decides to claim my soul in taxes. People say I'm fairly intelligent; I point to my username online.

4.) Speaking of username, it's genuine fact: terrible at video games, even though I love them to death. If you're ever in the mood to game, hit me up! I'm sure we'd all get a kick out of me failing.

5.) I have an unhealthy obsession with root beer, mozzarella sticks, and the progressive-metal band Dream Theater. I also study Martial Arts, and could theoretically kick one's ass (if they were blindfolded, bound, and unarmed).

And, that pretty much does it. If you ever want to know more, I guess you could PM me. Though why you'd want to is beyond me. Cheers!

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So long.. since you updated.. blegh...

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks again for the watch, and the awesome story review. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for giving The Zealot a fave. I hope you enjoy reading it.


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Soon. Within the span of a month, soon.

Whenever I get the bloody time. Damnable academic system...


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