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I'm a guy named Dumb who occasionally gets his derriere in gear and writes HiE epics involving space, Gods, and other silly nonsense. Also edits/reviews stories, for those who are looking for that.


Obligatory One-Hundred Follower Post (Plus WTIN news) · 5:33pm Aug 13th, 2014

Hooray! I reached a level of popularity! I'd spam .gifs to show my appreciation, but the last time I did that was a bit of a bad idea, so I'll just use one.

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Revisal Posting Marathon! (a.k.a. Dumb's Staying Alive) · 4:39am Jan 27th, 2014

Hi. Remember me? I was the guy, who wrote that story, that like didn't update for a year? It had that thing, with the killing, and the music, and all that bad stuff I no longer want to be reminded of? Yeah, that's me. I'm back. And if you haven't understood what this blog is stating by the title yet, then allow me to state it in layman's terms: The Editing is Done. Finished. Eliminated. Completed.

Celebratory Image Montage: Go!

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[Unimportant] April Fool's Story (Bad, and probably NSFW): · 2:20am Apr 2nd, 2013

Essentially what the title states. I got dared to write something. Something that's quite frankly horrible. Something that should never have been intermingled with My Little Pony. Something that makes me sick to a great extent of the individual who suggested the prompt to me. It involved the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Vinyl Scratch (Or 'DJ P0N-3' to some selective people), and a stick.

Still didn't stop me from writing it, though.

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Progress (Revisions and Non-Revisions): It's Happening + Teaser. · 4:31am Nov 30th, 2012

Today is an interesting day. For today is the day I alert you to the Progress of the Revisions. Now, I don't know if anyone else knows this, but I am dividing the Revisions into two halves. Why? Because if I was to hold all those rewrites until I finished all of them, you wouldn't see me for quite a long while. Therefore, Revisions for Chapters One-Five will be the first half, and Six-Fourteen shall be the second released half.

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Unimportant: Assassin's Creed III Final Thoughts. · 12:56am Nov 7th, 2012

Eeyup, I finished the game. In a week. Not the best time, but I had taken it slow and wanted to truly absorb what was happening. Now, I know many people could give less than two shits, but I'm making this as a sort of reference for those wanting to get the game. Why? Because...

All that glitters, is not gold.

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