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End of Year, Story Idea Poll, and Signal Boost · 4:34pm Dec 20th, 2017

Geez, 2017 snuck by me, and the fact I haven't posted a story here in months is starting to bother me like a bad itch. Oh, there have been attempts, but the stories haven't really manifested as well as I would have hoped after the writing process began. That and work and real life just being as busy as they are... still, c'est la vie.

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Hey, is the poll still up? if not, which story are you going to write?

Just so you know, it was a 2nd Edition Past Sins that assimilated another friend of mine into The Herd.
That should stand as testament to the awesomeness that is your writing

If you see this I want to wish you a happy hearthswarming. Love your work.

I believe there have been MLP fanfics that have gotten published by a publishing company. So Past Sins getting an official hardcover release or something wouldn't be unheard of. It'd actually be cool if a bunch of us get some fanfics a proper hardcover release.

Comment posted by Hoops deleted Oct 29th, 2017
  • Viewing 826 - 830 of 830
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