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Royal Canterlot Library · 4:10pm September 11th

I wanted to do this last week, but life seems to keep getting ahead of me on these things.

I wanted to thank the Royal Canterlot Library for featuring Morsel of Truth. It was a story I had a lot of fun writing at the time, and I truly appreciate not only the feature but the interview and review that came along with it. Thank you guys and gals very much.

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Some good stories I like.

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I believe there have been MLP fanfics that have gotten published by a publishing company. So Past Sins getting an official hardcover release or something wouldn't be unheard of. It'd actually be cool if a bunch of us get some fanfics a proper hardcover release.

Comment posted by Thoraxyo deleted October 29th

Is it at all possible for you to team up with a publishing company big or small to make a set of the complete past sins collection? I know I would buy it and I'm sure others would as well.

I'm not quite as fussy as Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory), but I'm getting there. Would you please make a timeline for the Nyxverse? Including which stories are canon -and which Are Not Canon

First of all HUGE fan.
Secondly I have a story idea that I've been tinkering with. I am writing a Past Sins AU about Daybreaker and I am already thinking of a sequel and well I was thinking of a story where Helia(Filly Daybreaker) is tricked into a confrontation with Nyx where Helia is given her Daybreaker form and begins a campaign to try and annihilate her and her loved ones in order for Helia to save her beloved mother Sunset Shimmer.

I've been pondering this idea since I started writing Primordial Crimes(My Past Sins AU) I hope you check out my AU fic when you have the time and if you like this idea may be interested in a collab for it? (As I doubt anyone could give the Nyx input that you can even though I dabble as her in some RP's, again because I love the character and your work.)


  • Viewing 825 - 829 of 829
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