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End of Year, Story Idea Poll, and Signal Boost · 4:34pm Dec 20th, 2017

Geez, 2017 snuck by me, and the fact I haven't posted a story here in months is starting to bother me like a bad itch. Oh, there have been attempts, but the stories haven't really manifested as well as I would have hoped after the writing process began. That and work and real life just being as busy as they are... still, c'est la vie.

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hay... i was hoping you could help me with a great pain that has struck upon me recently. i was reading this story series WatLP and saw that it has been abandoned and the author is willing to give the story to another. please consider under going this task. i know that it is not always great to be writing what was someone else's story. however i do not know anyone else whose story writing skill seem up to the task.
here is the link to the front page: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/251136/watlp-chamber-of-secrets
please consider helping to keep this alive.

Are you going to continue your Past Sins series?

I haven't read it, but the general rule of thumb is that the only things truly canon to Nyx and Past Sins are other stories I write for that timeline unless expressly stated otherwise. Still, it's on my radar and I hope to take a look at it.

Bronyxy wrote a fanfic called Nyx Returns. Is this a cannon part of Past Sins?

Lemme just say, of the stories I've read so far, which are Past Sins and Glimpses, I love your stories! You're such a good author!!!

  • Viewing 834 - 838 of 838
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