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A writer who grew from their many mistakes, and who still loves ponies deeply.

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A Cog in the Machine's art gallery! (Contains some spoilers)

From More Dakka:
Vinyl Scratch the baby landwyrm

Nathan De La Griffon without his glasses


Emeraldgrey of the Everfree

The Eternal Broodmother, Queen Ambrosine

Her daughter, Princess Diamrem

Cogy all grown up

Cogwill giving in to her greed

Nate and Cog

From Sam Rose:
Vinyl and Cogwill being adorkable

From Ask Green Lantern Fluttershy:
Cogwill headshot!

From Sorrow 872:
Vinyl pony and landwyrm comparison

From Captain M Star:
Adult Nathan De La Griffon with glasses

Cogwill trace with Paradox

Cogwill Statue!

From dmnkamikazee:
Original Cogwill draft

Cover Art

I Love you all~


Ten Years of HORSE · 9:30pm October 10th

On this day, ten years ago, a meme was born...

... and we haven't shut up about it since :derpytongue2:

Happy Annihorsersary everypony! May the light of hope and friendship see you through your darkness, and may Harmony find it's way into your very soul.

Love and best wishes,


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Comment posted by KennedieT deleted September 14th

Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against Starlight!

There is beauty that can be found even in the tragic, a pain that reminds us of the most human part of the wonderful gift of life... that we are just that; alive.

... Or something along those lines, right? :twilightsmile:

(second post)
Oh, and the better, but stranger analogy for the Sublime is like trying as a small child to play with those big rubber Gymnasticballs. Big, Unyielding to your power but contend or unbothered by the fact that you are playing with it / trying to come to terms with its existence, and when you try to physicly/mentaly get a hold on it – hug it with both arms – you don't even come to the halfway point.
r/showerthoughts lmao

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The Poisoned Barb's art gallery

From Koviry:
Current Cover Art!

From Asika-Aida (Aida):
Old story cover. Though not directly story related, I'm still grateful Aida gave me permission to use it before deactivating her art account.

From ManlyDerp... Hey that's me!:
Poorly done edits I made to screen-captures that would get me kicked out of art school in a heartbeat. I should probably stick to writing :twilightblush:

Other Art from Friends!

Ponysona cameo, this time in a comic by moemneop (in the hot-air balloon, blue one)!

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