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A writer who grew from their many mistakes, and who still loves ponies deeply.

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A Cog in the Machine's art gallery! (Contains some spoilers)

From More Dakka:
Vinyl Scratch the baby landwyrm

Nathan De La Griffon without his glasses


Emeraldgrey of the Everfree

The Eternal Broodmother, Queen Ambrosine

Her daughter, Princess Diamrem

Cogy all grown up

Cogwill giving in to her greed

Nate and Cog

From Sam Rose:
Vinyl and Cogwill being adorkable

From Ask Green Lantern Fluttershy:
Cogwill headshot!

From Sorrow 872:
Vinyl pony and landwyrm comparison

From Captain M Star:
Adult Nathan De La Griffon with glasses

Cogwill trace with Paradox

Cogwill Statue!

From dmnkamikazee:
Original Cogwill draft

Cover Art

I Love you all~


MLP: A New Generation Thoughts · 7:20pm Sep 24th, 2021

Howdy howdy~

Derply here dropping off some quick thoughts on the introduction to Gen Five that just dropped today on Netflix!

Having successfully avoided almost all of the advertisements for this flic, and having successfully kept my expectations at a reasonable level, I'm happy to say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout the majority of it! All I really wanted was a return of cute ponies doing cute things, and the movie delivered that in spades ^_^

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Creo que tendre que repetir la pregunta...sigues vivo? todo bien por casa?

I would like to inform you that I truly enjoy your stories, and would like to thank you for writing them.

Ah. Good old KennedieT, I presume? Good to see you again :twilightsmile:

Sadly (or maybe thankfully in your case. Less to catch up on :twilightblush:), I haven't much to report update-wise. Lately, I've just been focusing on improving my rather lousy mental health. Working with a therapist to hopefully come out of the closet to my family, and proudly wave the same pink and blue flag as you :raritywink:

I might post a chapter or two before this year ends, but I just need the right motivation to finish the editing first. Doesn't just come out of thin air; I gotta WANT to finish it. Always a struggle though...

... Oh well! Sometime you gotta just go with the flow~

Hope to see you again soon!


Hello there!

Missed me? >:D

I am ducking BACK! Ready to kick ass, write weird rants and opinions at even the slightest of provocations and, an oldie new and improved goodie, be myself! New account, old low-key autism, social ineptitude and some new, flaming hot hope!

How have you been, fierce soft boi lover? As you can see, I have come to the realization that, in the race of life, I have been going backwards the whole time, on more fronts than one. :twilightblush:

I forgor my old password a while ago, was too lazy to make a new one but I couldn't read your or anyone's updates. So, after a bunch of necessitys went down, I made a new account.

I have a bunch of things I could show you, but first, how have you been? I hope you've had a good work-sleep balance. 💜

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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The Poisoned Barb's art gallery

From Koviry:
Current Cover Art!

From Asika-Aida (Aida):
Old story cover. Though not directly story related, I'm still grateful Aida gave me permission to use it before deactivating her art account.

From ManlyDerp... Hey that's me!:
Poorly done edits I made to screen-captures that would get me kicked out of art school in a heartbeat. I should probably stick to writing :twilightblush:

Other Art from Friends!

Ponysona cameo, this time in a comic by moemneop (in the hot-air balloon, blue one)!