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MLP: A New Generation Thoughts · 7:20pm Sep 24th, 2021

Howdy howdy~

Derply here dropping off some quick thoughts on the introduction to Gen Five that just dropped today on Netflix!

Having successfully avoided almost all of the advertisements for this flic, and having successfully kept my expectations at a reasonable level, I'm happy to say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout the majority of it! All I really wanted was a return of cute ponies doing cute things, and the movie delivered that in spades ^_^

Now, that having been said, I can understand why some are saying that they were disappointed in the end product on display here; if you were hoping for epic® lore reveals and gen 4 pandering you'll be out of luck. Some of the world-building is left up to interpretation too, which won't be everyone's cup of tea... but, as a fresh entry point into the now generational tale of Equestria, I think it does a fine job.

Bullet points I want to talk about right now while they're still on my mind:

- Precious baby Sunny had a Spike plushie! SOOOO happy the little guy got at least a nod~

- Hitch was hands down my favorite of the Mane Five in this flic. A true-true friend to Sunny, competent, poses for sexy calendars rawr, and his friend dynamic with Zipp, another great character, was super cute.

- Protect Izzy. Protect Izzy forever.

- Though there weren't many lore hints to past Equestria besides Sunny's dad and his research, Zipp looking longingly up at an ancient Wonderbolts poster felt very profound. Wishing to fly, or maybe to live in a different time? Definitely a stand-out, blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment either way.

- Speaking of the "Royal Sisters", of the Mane Five I think I can easily say that Pipp was my least favorite. I didn't outright hate her or anything, it's just felt like we could have removed her from the second half of the movie and not missed anything. Outside of her encouraging Sunny during the DDR fight, I can't really think of any other scenes that she particularly added anything to.

- Funnily enough, Sunny sits pretty close to her on my tier list. Hitch, Izzy, and Zipp all entertained me either by invoking their past lives (Coughcoughcou- Izzy/Pinkie-ghcough), or by being a new take on old favorites (Hitch is Fluttershy mixed with Shining Armor, while Zipp is very lowkey Rainbow Dash mixed with... um... Sunburst, I guess? Somepony smart, at least.) Sunny, on the otherhoof, just felt like late Princesshood Twilight. Very preachy, always in the right, beats herself up to oblivion when things don't go her way... Maybe I'll warm up to her more on later rewatches, or when the actually series starts in earnist, but my early impression of her isn't sparkling.

-Lastly, music... It was alright. I can tell a couple of these will get stuck in my head eventually, but none of the lyrics were all that interesting except maybe the mob one. I will say all the singing voices were excellent though, even if what they were singing wasn't all that memorable.

Annnndddd that's all I wanted to say! I'll look forward to seeing you all again later this year~!

With love always,


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