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With an age-old monster set to return and intent on spreading destruction, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory - but they do not fully grasp the effects of the spell until it is too late.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings, and she must face the reality of her situation: in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

Chapters (1)

Luna has been considering the matter for a while, and she can't put her hoof on why. Confused and growing increasingly irritated, she goes to her sister in search of enlightenment.

Set between the season six finale and A Royal Problem.

Chapters (1)

Daybreaker: the monster in Celestia's heart, and the age-long mystery of her life. Her friend and tormentor, her companion and foe. Fanatically devoted to their future, yet desiring one horrific to Celestia.

It is growing stronger.

Chapters (1)

(Featured on Fimfiction from 10/22/17...and counting! Thanks so much!)

(Historian's/Spoiler Note: This story includes characters and situations from My Little Pony: The Movie, and takes place during said movie.)

Four by hundreds of hooves, they march in dreary lockstep towards their cages, to serve their fate as beasts of burden. From all over the nation they came to this place in the name of friendship, but now their colors are struck and their ears drooped; scorching sulfur invading their nostrils as heavy chains bear them into capitulation.

Tempest Shadow, commander of the armies of the north and mistress of her own name, has subdued the capital of the largest nation in the known world without a single casualty on either side. She has bested three of the four legendary alicorns in combat, and chased away the last. Every obstacle in her way has been found wanting...save for one.

This is a story of the pillar that would not fall.

Story Specific Cover Art by: Ranch

Chapters (2)

One of the positive things about being enlisted in the Solar Guard is all the possible mares Rainbow Dash could chase after.

A negative? The one she's really after is in the Lunar Guard, and she's pretty… batty.

Cover art by silbersternenlicht on Derpibooru.
Pre-read by Not Enough Coffee.
Proofread and edited by Dreams of Ponies.
An entry in the 2017 Thestral Writing Competition and the 4th Flutter-Dash Contest.

Chapters (1)

With Tempest Shadow now willing to accept friendship into her life, Twilight decides that the best thing to do is to introduce her to some other friends of hers. Friends who have more in common with the Commander than she would have expected.

Will contain spoilers for the MLP movie.

Chapters (1)

It was supposed to be an easy summer for Fluttershy. Spend the summer learning how to ride around in an ambulance so that she can get the extra credit needed to get to veterinary school early. Something not too difficult that she could get some life experience with

Yet this will be a summer she will never be able to forgets. Instead of simply riding around in an ambulance, she gets sucked into a reality of mechanical aliens, robots in disguise and a war between two factions that has gone on longer than any human or pony has been alive.

And then there's Ratchet. He's a jerk.

Ratchet and the other transformers will be based on their WfC, FoC and Transformers Prime counterparts.

Chapters (1)

Warning: spoilers!

Tempest Shadow aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist has committed quite a few crimes during her time as the Storm King's lieutenant: high treason, slavery, kidnapping, use of forbidden magic conspiracy to overthrow the government, etc.

Now, after her trial, Tempest is locked away in the castle, waiting for the Princesses and the Council to deliver their verdict...

Coverart by puddingskinmcgee

Special thanks to Georg for proofreading and editing!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The SweetieMash Chronicles

The Crusaders and Button Mash have all suffered a potential life-changing setback! Do they A: Try to calm down and think about how to best move on. B: Talk to their family and loved ones about how to deal with adversity. C: Freak the hay out attempt to leave pony society to eventually become misguided villains that will someday threaten Equestria itself.

The answer may (not) surprise you!

Warning: Contains Spoilers for My Little Pony: The Movie.

Thanks to Tired Old Man
for his edits and corrections and Nova Quill for much the same AND some help with the cover.

Edited (by yours truely) CMC vector by jhayarr23. Button Mash vector by clamstacker.

Chapters (1)
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