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Welcome to the Friendship is Awesome group!

Even if the show has passed and gone. That doesn’t mean the Spirit of Friendship is dead. We, the awesome fans, will keep the spirit, legacy and awesomeness of the show alive, though our fanfic, ideas, or just your pure awesomeness. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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indeed and welcome 😊

And I can’t believe that most of my stories are already in this group! Thank you to whoever did that!

This group looks awesome!

Are we allowed to add our own stories?
I just don’t want to break any rules accidentally, and ask before I do.

Thanks for the invitation, as well as to whomever added my story. ❤️

We should probably should add new generation on this as well including the other one as well

Thank you for the invite.:moustache:🍺

Thanks for the invite!

Thanks for the invitation and for putting my story here.

Hey, I'm not sure which administrator put my story in this group, but I wanted to say thanks for doing it. Thank you.

Yes it's still active it's just everybody is busy that's all but still here

This group still active?

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