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I just a guy who want to write fun stories

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Why did I joined FimFiction? (Personal story) · 3:46am April 28th

Personal storytime.

It was around March of 2020, the pandemic happens and we are forced to stay home for our safety.

I don't mind staying at the house since I rather not go outside other than getting foods or watching movie at the theaters but the pandemic made me a bit scared because the disease and it took me few months (around 6 or 7 months) to finally go out.

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No problem, Aura. :twilightsmile:

I guess he wasn't chill guy that he built himself to be… a jokester for a caveman like Aura Kaiser.

Sorry for putting your OC Kyan through that. I had this idea for a while and thought it be perfect way to show another side to Aura.

And please read the other chapters please

Comment posted by Toonwriter deleted May 12th, 2022
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