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Feeling unappreciated by Elements of Harmony, Discord find himself to be idolized by a group of zealous ponies who call themselves, “The Children of Discord” and they told Discord that he is their messiah and they do enjoy his chaos magic.

But Elements of Harmony especially Fluttershy doesn’t trust “The Children of Discord” and trying to figure out their agenda while their relationship with Discord is falling apart as Discord finally got appreciated from “The Children of Discord” something that Elements of Harmony failed on and he starting to see them as his true family.

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“My messiah, you are in the wrong crowd and you shouldn’t hang out with the one who don’t appreciate your chaos. We don’t bowed down to Celestia cause she’s incompetent to us and she always relay on bunch of arrogant ponies who are big on friendship and yet, they refuses to be friend with you?! Hypocrites!”

“Yeah, their communication skills are AWFUL! they’re supposed to be protectors of Equestria and yet, they almost thrown Equestria into madness when they stupidly chose to focus on wedding crap!” A male Earth Pony member criticized Elements of Harmony

“Yeah! Celestia is so dumbass for focusing her niece’s precious wedding over Equestria! She’s a fucking Princess so long that she can’t tell her niece’s behavior and she was defeated by Queen Chrysalis of all pony! A big dumbass! That’s why we don’t respect her and Elements of Harmony!” A female Earth Pony member criticized Princess Celestia.

“Friends to you? Bullshit! They weren’t your friends to begin with! It’s their fault for causing you to be sided with Lord Tirek. They don’t really care about you at all!” Mayhem yell

DAMN. They made VERY GOOD Points. WHY are they the "Heroes of Friendship", and Celestia STILL a Leader after this????!!!! I hope Discord tell off of their Incompetence, and Hypocrisy.

Hasbro REALLY SCREWED IT UP, with those BAD Episodes where the Main Six are being Idiotic, Jerks!!!

Comment posted by Ragnarok17 deleted May 11th, 2020

I meant to the MAIN SIX, their the ones that's being Jealous. I'm starting to Like the Discord Cult, and made VERY GOOD POINTS in the Show.

Yup, that’s why Discord probably ended his friendship with Mane Six cause The Children of Discord treat him better than them and show their appreciation to Discord.

It’s going to be a lot harder for Mane Six to get Discord back after what Discord learns about their hypocrisy about friendship and their incompetence as the protector of Equestria.

All Hail Discord! Our savior!

I’m surprised that Twilight would speak to Discord in such a rude manner. I thought that she would at least try to package it into something less harsh. Fluttershy was at least being somewhat kind, but it sounded unauthentic. If they were to treat Discord in such a way, I would not be surprised that Discord would abandon them. It’s a nice story to feature a different change of events.

The reason why Twilight was being rude to Discord is because she didn’t want him to ruin Spike’s big celebration party as the party is very important to him and think if she invites Discord to the party, he would end up causing the mess and ruined Spike’s big moment. (That’s why Twilight was harsh on Discord)

I always wondering what if Discord finally found someponies that do appreciate him and his chaos magic and his relationship with Elements of Harmony starting to fall apart because The Children of Discord treat him better than Elements of Harmony.

Like he finally found someponies who treat him like a family... something Elements of Harmony failed on.

I really love this story idea and the points you have added in in the first chapter about Discord's relationship with the Mane 6 but I noticed that your writing seemed to lack some structure. Just some constructive criticism of course and I understand how hard it is sometimes to put a great story in your head into words (that's why I don't write fanfics anymore). I think what would help bring your story up, though, is to look for someone skilled in editing or writing here on Fimfiction to look over your story and they can point out what you need to fix (some are willing to help for free).

Again, though, this story has very great potential and you're going off to a good start with some of the facts you already have pointed out about Discord and the mane 6, you just need a little structure to bump up the story :3

Wait? It’s possible to have someone who can look over the story?

Do I have to contract them or sent a message through this website? I am not sure cause what if I came across as bugging them?

You can just post up a blog asking for help and people will probably offer their services either for free or pay (depending from person to person). You can also look for groups that offer these services also, I already found a group for you to look at- Here, but that will probably take some digging. Be specific on what you are looking for and make sure you ask for some examples of their works so you can make a good decision on who will help you the most.

At Canterlot Castle, Princess Celestia is asleeping on her own bed and then.... she wake up as she was drenched in sweat and the only word she can only say is.....

“ Discord ”

Oh no, this ain’t gonna be a Discelestia fic ain’t it?

*Shrugs* Who know? It may be Discelestia or Fluttercord fic but I just like toying with the readers. Lol :rainbowlaugh:

For real, the whole point of this story is Discord finally found someponies who do appreciate him and his relationship with Elements of Harmony falling apart because they don’t appreciate him.

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