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This story is a sequel to So long Old Friend

After seeing his final sunset Spike awakens, having been reincarnated as a Female Kirin, still retaining thousands of years worth of Memories, she does everything in her power to try and raise to a position of power so she can be near her friends, all the while trying to think of a way to tell them who she use to be.
Will she win them back, or will she spend the next thousand lifetimes trying to return to their lives.

This is a Sequal, the first one is Required reading before reading this one
Featured: July, 16th, 2019
Featured: November, 21st, 2019
Featured: February, 13th, 2020
Special thanks to Viper Pit for being a Co-writer/Pre-Reader

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 77 )

Good story, i like it

good story, found these for you Will look at other chaps.
not being fire resistant, casue both River Moon [cause ] ??
she made a series of baby noised [ noises ]
Her ear spiting cry filled the room [ splitting ]
He ran over at a walking pace to the crib [ ???? ]
Pop-pop said, smoking coming off his long mane [smoke ]
Leafstorm when from raging to crying, [ went ] ??
Astral had been ground for a month [ grounded ]
Sugarcubecorner [Sugarcube corner]

I really hope Astral and Leaf Spike will bond somehow in the future

thanks, I fixed it

I have no idea why I did this

He ran over at a walking pace to the crib

but I find reading the sentence funny so I'm keeping it

Thank you for a good story so far! Pop-pop is awesome!

"And now you two are even," Pop-pop replied as he drank his cup of juice, "Atta girl Leaf! Making Pop-pop proud,"

Best part of the story so far

This seems to be very interesting so far.

At first I was going to pass the story by, but it's a rather cute idea, and I am looking forward to any more chapters to follow...

This has a lot of promis!

Nice. Can't wait for more. Maybe get someone to edit these and those coming.

Man the twins are fire

Pls mor fast I cant take waiting this long!

I can't wait to see Spike leaves react to seeing Twilight after so long. Thank you for the chapter!

Your sentences are running together from lack of proper punctuation, but other than that the story seems interesting. I'm defeinitely keeping an eye on this.

So far, the writing is a bit ...meh, but the story is looking very good
Thx for the Chapter!

I can't wait for the next chapter and what twilight and discord going to do astral the jerk ??? Does Twilight and discord know leaf is Spike???

I cant wait till the next chp im bursting with excitement:pinkiehappy:

Amazingly well done.
Really it is.

Spike going to find out Twilight and discord at his birthday party and he going to freak out and pass out

Love the story. Can't wait for the next chapter\chapters.

plz dont let this story die

oh trust me, this story has had so much planning put into it, it's not dying I'm just on a break is all.

as unreal as it seems, there are people like this and I can't say i envy the people around them.
On to Twilight calling Astral a shit. that was great.

Ya know. I've actually fallen in love with this story.

Discord is behind the reincarnations? Thank you!

for the update, for the Discord thing, or both?

I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Thank you, I like yours as well.

*takes stock of his random items to sell in the multiverse store and finds a note in a box* Ooook who took the... DISCORD! Ah fuck I hope he doesn't actually uses it or *shivers* poor bastard will never set foot with in 10 miles of anyone. *Sighs and goes back to taking stock*

I know that I’m a little late to reading this story but I like it so far. Oh and here’s some things I caught while reading.

Spike looked up at the sun, crying at the light that he hadn't seen in over a century, tears fell from his eyes, freezing over as they left his eyes "It’s...it’s...it’s Beu...beautiful," He said as his voice began failing him, the light fading from his view as he struggled to breath "Thank you Rar..." The light died and Spike felt nothing, he heard nothing, he saw nothing, he expected something to happen, his consciousness to fade to nothing, to see a bright light and hear old voices, maybe her voice, he felt that for an indefinite amount of time, I could have been a second, or an eternity when it began, he began to get his sense of feeling back, then he imediatly began to feel weird, he felt warm, he felt fuzzy, he heard screaming, he was disoriented as he felt something pulling on him, a force pushing against him, her was somewhere tight and moist, he was horribly uncomfortable, then he was blinded as light invaded his eye's, noise rang in his ears as he felt something holding him, he felt so many different things happening, then a single unfamiliar voice sounded out.


"Alright, so I died, then I undied I guess, and now I'm a Baby Kirin." Spike though on that for a moment "Nope, still sounds crazy." he decided "Have I just gone supper senile like I'm aware that something wrong but it's all a lie?" Leaf Strom shook her head. "What the fuck am I talking about?" he wondered as her eye's felt heavy, her belly full and her body a nice warm temperature. "This is...nice." she decided as she closed her eye's, sleep overtook her fast and in no time she was resting soundly.


I read this right after its prequel and still feel sad, but I'm still interested in the plot of this story so I don't know how to react

Another thing please continue this story because it's amazing. If you're still writing it and I'm just being paranoid, I'm sorry. It just looks like you stopped because your last update was in mid-July.

I'm just really random, Tho you should be warned when I do update this story it'll probably stop my daily upload's due to the story being intended for longer chapters.

This was fun read and I love what you did with spike and hope they found/see their other older friends that are still alive.

I know I already mentioned this, but please update this soon because the wait has been unbearable and I just want to know what happens next already

your grands drop

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