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Donations started!

While this won't make me write any faster, a little extra cash so my family won't starve at the end of each month would be very beneficial for my mental health, and very much appreciated if you're so inclined.

Help me start the new American Dream of a crippling mortgage? https://ko-fi.com/draconauthor36146

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Summer Vibing! · 1:26am May 19th

As of tonight, I'm done with the Spring Semester.
I will be working almost full-time, and I do have other projects, but I don't have an idea for the May Pairings Contest, so I've officially gotten back to work on After Death, Creation! Typing as I type... :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for your patience! Next chapter is a long one (aren't they all? :rainbowlaugh:) but fingers crosssed should have it out within a month! (But don't quote me on that... 😅)

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