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Just a guy very slowly writing Pone to escape reality... Icon by BijutsuYoukai!

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While this won't make me write any faster, a little extra cash so my family won't starve at the end of each month would be very beneficial for my mental health, and very much appreciated if you're so inclined.

Help me start the new American Dream of a crippling mortgage? https://ko-fi.com/draconauthor36146

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Considering deleting my account 😕, could use advice. · 8:06pm February 11th

As the title says, I'm considering deleting my account. The main reason is that I'm simply not as much of a Brony as I was 5 years ago.

I'm also very stressed out by my story After Death, Creation. I want to rewrite the chapter with Calvin to be an AroAce QPR, but I keep being very stressed out by it to the point people are marking the story as Dead again.

I'm also in the middle of about 12 more projects, and trying to learn to drive, so my stories take a serious back burner.

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Ok, I'm a lover of chaos (In the name) and actually seeing Weaver's form screams pure chaos. I absolutely approve.

Thank you for favoriting "The Elements of Harm Many!"

Damn... Your Draconequus is a lot more something than even Discord :rainbowderp:
Nice :rainbowkiss:

How have you been?

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