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Blaze the draconic mage

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Well next chapter is on its way, it includes some robot suits, a bank robbery, and Applejack being kidnapped. :ajsmug:

I am loving it. I am glad you are making it, as it is quite super ey lad.

Thank you for adding Superlad to your favorites! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :eeyup:

You follow me, I'll follow you.

Wow. Hey, I have an offer for you, my friend.

Yup yesterday was a long day of too many people and lines.

I go by Blaze here and it’s going fine I got lots of chocolate from Easter so nice and managed to find marshmallow peeps. It only took me looking in three Walmart’s a dollar tree and two dollaramas to find them.

Pretty good. The name's Wrex. What's your?

Thank you for the watch! :eeyup:

True and helps to have good reference material

Well it’s the same for everyone not all first story’s go well but you get better with practice and time to practice.

Thanks just note my earliest ones not that good

  • Viewing 170 - 189 of 189
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