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Well, considering how many there are now, I should point out that Fallout 76 is not a tabletop, even if it is an rpg.

I'd just like to state that I find the fact that there are exactly 36 fics in both folders immensely satisfying.

Question. Do any of the Warhammer games count? They have RPGs for them I know.

i think its kind of a cool idea.

Check out this kickstarter. The system doesn't have fixed races, so it could easily do ponies with no alteration. Gauntlets and Goblins

Thanks for adding Wandering Through Realities! Who wants to discuss some M:tG? :rainbowwild:

(Repost from the DnD group) So, this is cool. Only two months after I joined this group, and started playing D&D, I have studied the 5th edition DM guide enough to form an ENTIRE campaign! I'll be new to DM'ing, but my campaign will have Equestria tied in as a fallen realm in need of aid. My concept is that the evil gods of the basic DnD pantheon invaded Equestria through the Gates of Tartaurus, breaking loose Tirek, (And I'm thinking of inventing some other villains based on the Greek Titans) rallying Chrysalis and the Changelings, Discord saw who the winning team was, and betrayed his friends again, (He's weak of character. What do you expect from a true Chaotic Neutral aligned character?) the Pegasai were all turned into Nightmares, the other races of pony enslaved under Tirek, Chrysalis, and Discord, (Although Discord is slightly more merciful. He just likes screwing with ponies... Not so much enslavement.) each ruling a portion of Equestria. But Gamer, what about the good guys!? I'm glad you asked! As I said, the Pegasai were turned into Nightmares, this includes Rainbow and Fluttershy. I'm sorry. They can't be saved. But, they will be bosses later! Anyways, this broke the Mane6 apart, and the evil permeated Equestria so much, that the Tree of Harmony died, but as a last resort it expels the Elements once more, in their default rupee-shaped forms, and Twilight grabbed them up. With Equestria doomed, Cadance trapped in the Crystal Empire with Shining Armor, Twilight extracted the souls of her friends, Fluttershy and Rainbow's from memory, and placed them in the Elements. Celestia, Luna, and Twilight open a portal to another plane, the homelands of C&L's mothers Pelor and Sehanine. (Yes, I'm writing Sunbutt and Moonbutt as demigods.) They arrive at Celestia's namesake, Mount Celestia, at the summit with spells protecting their forms, (without which they will no longer be sentient horses.) they give Twilight ALL THE MAGIC of their very existence, sacrificing themselves. Twilight scatters the elements into dungeons in the material planes, save hers, and stands at the summit of Mount Celestia, watching Equestria, watching the Multiverse through her magic, waiting for five heroes to retake Equestria beside her. Also, the Elements are needed to reopen the portal to Equestria. *Phew* Thoughts on the writing?

I play Yu-Gi-Oh!, MTG, and more recently DnD. and I'm trying to get more into the MLP:CCG.
I really prefer card games, but DnD is really addictive.

My TCG collections are in this order, from largest to smallest:
Yu-Gi-Oh, with nearly 10,000 cards, MTG with an estimated 3-4,000, and MLP with around 100+ ish.

...You can really tell which one I've been playing longer, can't you?

Fine, but that changes nothing:pinkiesmile:

That Lyra and Bon Bon one I haven't read yet dosnt count... I know what you did!

Fair enough. I'm still gonna win:pinkiecrazy:

I'm putting some rules out. neither of us can go on the other persons page and click on there groups or friends and look for a comment. you have to find the other either by accident or skill. sound fair?

You've already lost:pinkiecrazy:

I play Magic The Gathering, and I'm a five year veteran.

Halla at yo boy! I is money! :pinkiecrazy:

I love DND:rainbowdetermined2:

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