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I often find myself a victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Yet strangely Mary sues aspire to be me...

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Info Node.

There will never be that "Trigger warning" BS here. It is childish and attention seeking.

Chapter 9: 13%

Custom page break? I would like to make one. :D They're fun and take only an hour to design and vector out.

-=NY 2017 2018 Resolutions to keep=-
[] Get S&M at 200 upvotes
[] Rename S&M to something more catchy.
[] START one of the many ideas I've been sitting onto for years. Preferably one without relation to S&M.
[] Make it onto EqD? Haha, I know. Fat chance.
[] Post more chapters (Very likely since Merlos and I are discussing getting smaller chapters out faster rather than making such large ones)
[] Get fanart for S&M. The kind Merlos or I didn't pay for. A pony can dream!
[] Continue to keep two obvious O.C. self inserts from becoming G/Mary Sue.
[] Do level up blocks at the end of the story and update previous chapters with them.
[] Redo chapters, streamline them and release once 10 is posted.

Dealing with medical problems, and getting my Space fallout game launched with my players. (Wuv you guys. <3)

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When you find a perfect image... · 3:26am Nov 6th, 2017

This is how I imagine most SMA readers are within 10 seconds of reading.

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I would like you to join my group if you want though it up to youhttps://www.fimfiction.net/group/212263/be-whoever-you-want

Comment posted by Nova Borealis deleted Feb 28th, 2017

2406421 Not going to argue on that, hehehe, but the difference between BCB and BCH is that the first one really was a labour of love, the other story just never felt, right, so to speak. Still, I hope you'll enjoy it when you get around reading it.

I'm just tracking, I'm a little sad its canceled but that doesn't mean I still cant read it and enjoy it. :3 Besides BSB was fun. why wont this fic?

A big thanks for adding Blood Curse Hunters to a bookshelf of yours, my dear.

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