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I often find myself a victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Yet strangely Mary sues aspire to be me...

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Info Node.

"I don't make mistakes, and if I did, it is immediately the correct way to do something." ~ Merlos, Nov 3rd 2019.

Chapter 011 pt 3: 80%

Pagebreak tinyurl link was updated on 08/08/2019 since Photobucket likes changing format sometimes.
Photobucket pulled the rug from under me. Transferring necessary links to imgur.

-=NY 2017 2018 2019 2020 Resolutions to keep=-
[✓] Get S&M A at 200 upvotes. (Accomplished 08/08/2019.)
[] Rename S&M to something more catchy. (Will likely never happen)
[] START one of the many ideas I've been sitting onto for years. Preferably one without relation to S&M.
[] Make it onto EqD? Haha, I know. Fat chance. ;-;
[✓] Post more chapters.
[] Get fanart for S&M. The kind Merlos or I didn't pay for. A pony can dream!
[✓] Continue to keep two obvious O.C. self inserts from becoming (G/M)ary Sue.
[] Do level up blocks at the end of the story and update previous chapters with them.
[] Redo chapters, streamline them and release once the final chapter of the arc is posted.

See blog.

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I had to put down my dog. · 12:01am Last Thursday

I'll miss you Ozzy.


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*sets phasers to hug.<3

If you're using alliterations, maybe you could try something with 'wizards', 'weather', and 'world'? Of course, there are a lot more. Also puns and parodies. Rhymes could work as well.

Thanks! Good to know you're doing fine, by the way.

We've touched it a few times this month, but we've not had time to commit together. Last month my BF visited and a tornado hit my town so I wasn't productive for most of May. We're working on keeping the next chapter from being too big by putting parts of it into this current one. I did remember to update the info node today. :D

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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