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I often find myself a victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Yet strangely Mary sues aspire to be me...

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Info Node.

There will never be that "Trigger warning" BS here. It is childish and attention seeking.

Chapter 9: 13%

Custom page break? I would like to make one. :D They're fun and take only an hour to design and vector out.

-=NY 2017 2018 Resolutions to keep=-
[] Get S&M at 200 upvotes
[] Rename S&M to something more catchy.
[] START one of the many ideas I've been sitting onto for years. Preferably one without relation to S&M.
[] Make it onto EqD? Haha, I know. Fat chance.
[] Post more chapters (Very likely since Merlos and I are discussing getting smaller chapters out faster rather than making such large ones)
[] Get fanart for S&M. The kind Merlos or I didn't pay for. A pony can dream!
[] Continue to keep two obvious O.C. self inserts from becoming G/Mary Sue.
[] Do level up blocks at the end of the story and update previous chapters with them.
[] Redo chapters, streamline them and release once 10 is posted.

Dealing with medical problems, and getting my Space fallout game launched with my players. (Wuv you guys. <3)

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New hire today! · 4:14pm Aug 29th, 2018

This is good news. :D

New hire starts working tonight. Amazing timing and glad he cleared BGC. As long as he follows simple instructions and doesn't suck at staying busy, I should have free time again after 2-3 weeks.


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Stormy_Weather#1832 :P

yays! What is your name so I can talk to you?

I was invited already. XD Followed your story because you posted it. :P

Thanks for the follow on Dead Tree! I hope you enjoy it.

Join me on discord, I just got home from Bronycon and have work to be done!

I hope you'll drop it an upvote and leave comments or terrorize me on discord.


I hope you enjoy the stories! :pinkiehappy:

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