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The world is crazy. I am part of the world. I am crazy. Stay safe crazy pony people

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I really do want to work on my stories!

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Archer Hunt and other stuff · 6:59am Sep 20th, 2017

Just wrote 4000 words for two more chapters of Archer hunt. Next on my radar this week is Giant Robots, then A Troll Through The park.

Why am I doing ATTTP last you ask?

I'm re-reading the entire story to make sure I address all the lose ends in the next few chapters. However, believe me, I am actively writing stuff. There is a fair amount of all my stories already written, but they either need a bit more writing and or need to be edited.

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My Cool Pics and Drawings

Added Twilight here and the glossy subtext. (Did not draw her).

Original art and OC for my current project "Shunted," where Twilight fights a pony with a mini-gun.

This one is also for "Shunted"

This was drawn in draw plus seven for another author. All original art, besides being ponies of course.

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Thanks. Please bug me about it until it happens. I suck, so I need constant pestering to feel motivated. I'm really glad you like it and am 100% serious!



Are you going to make the next ch. Of ‘Giant robots is magic´ It is a very good story.

2390121 It could be your wonderful choice in colors.:ajsmug:

2389545 Thanks. I drew it myself on an Ipad while working in Panama. Now that I think about it, it was a really happy time for me.:twilightsmile:

Something about your avatar makes me smile.:moustache:

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