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(That's the closest transliteration to the sound I just made when I looked at my feed. :pinkiehappy:)


I saw the eclipse from Albany, OR, and yeah, mindblowing.

At 92%, you'd start to get some of the otherworldly effects of the world in shadow. The quiet, the eerie dimming, etc. And there are certainly telescopic pictures of the eclipse with more zoom than the human eye can achieve. So together, theoretically, you could approximate from experiencing the partial and knowing what the corona looks like, but... no.

No camera, telephoto or not, can match the dynamic range and field of vision of the human eye, and there's just something primal about staring up at the sun at midday and seeing a vision straight out of a sci-fi movie that no other experience quite matches.

It was beautiful....

Everyone has seen pictures of the corona, but the real magic was how the rest of the world changed. All the animals go quiet, no birds, no dogs, no bugs. Temperature drops sharply. The whole world turns to grey-scale, color seems to drain away like someone is moving the slider on the world's display settings. It got so dark that the street light next to me turned on.

All these effects combined...it was like the world was being enervated, like everything was being hit by a heat-death gun and all the energy was getting sucked away.

An amazing experience.

The stars were right! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Or something.

Yeah, you've got that right. It's part of the reason it took so long to come back; I couldn't risk saying "Hi guys! I'm back!", then discovering the words no longer flowed and. Nightmare country. It's waaay too easy to never start again.

So... how was it? Closest I've been is 92%.

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Summary docs for Wasp and Final are complete · 9:16pm August 30th

...and can be found here:


At some point I'll go in and edit the links in each chapter:pinkiesick:, but not today.

Nearly got lost in my own fic, re-reading all the bits I enjoy.

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