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Welcome to the official Equestria Daily Fimfiction Group! Here, you'll find all of the fics that have been featured on Equestria Daily.

The folders in this group represent the categories of fanfiction you'll find on EQD. If a fic has multiple genres, you'll find it in each applicable category. Descriptions for each of the categories can be viewed by going to the corresponding folder.

Forum Rules
There aren't many rules when it comes to the forum but we ask that you follow all Fimfiction rules when posting. Also, if you have any sort of issue, please be civil about it. Don't be rude during discussions, and don't make posts for the sole purpose of insulting someone or a group of people.

Missing Something
If we're missing a fic that's on EQD but isn't in this group, tell us! PM one of the group contributors and let them know.

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666 members:pinkiecrazy:

I mentioned a few days ago that Rocks, Boomboxes, and Kidney Stones, Nightmare Spike, and Two Nights in Hoofington hadn't been added to the group. Nothing's happened so far.

You could try PMing one of the contributors.

There are no folders that we can add stories to, so what do you mean by saying you're accepting stories?

I'm accepting everything that's currently on Equestria Daily, regardless of status.

In regards to tags, they're tagged how they are on EQD. The exceptions are sequels and side stories, which often times are only posted as a link on the main post. For those, I use the fimfiction tags.

Hello, If you need any help. I've been making my own, unofficial EQD group. I've been going up EQD's Super Simple Story Archive, Z-A. I'm nearly through the T's at time of writing (I seriously think half the stories featured on EQD start with "THE") and it would literally mean only about 2-3 extra clicks for me per story.

Just two questions
1.) Are you accepting canceled stories? I'm not in my own group, because I figure there isn't any point.

2.) Are you adding the stories to folders according to the EQD tags, or the FimFiction tags? I've noticed discrepancies between the two, some stories will have additional tags, or tags that are at odds with the EQD post. It's mighty vexing.

And lastly thank you for going through the effort of doing this. I know firsthand just how monotonous a chore this can be.

I'm only joking. And I totally appreciate the work you're doing for this group.

I can only add 200 submissions a day, man.


Still I'd say it's damned impressive considering it's just one user.


Link there is another one out there. Which surprised the everloving hell outa me.

>Here, you'll find all of the fics that have been featured on Equestria Daily.
>400 stories
Sure, sure...:ajsmug:

Well this is a group I can get behind... :)

Talk about le epic! :yay:

I'm so sorry to the few people in this group currently. Enjoy the spam.

They are much farther along than you are. Better start catching up! :derpytongue2:

That ain't even official!

There needs to be a group for EVERYTHING!

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