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Hello, and welcome to The Completed Story Compendium. A group dedicated to collecting completed stories here on fimfiction.
This is an open ended group, and anyone can join or submit.

There is only one rule: NO INCOMPLETE STORIES. That includes fics that have been canceled, or are on hiatus.

This group's purpose is to make it easier for readers to find completed stories and bring more attention to those stories in the process.

Folders are self explanatory for the most part but here's a quick rundown

Epics: any story that's 100k+ words. Example: austraeoh

Novels: any story that is in the 90-100k word range. Example: Moonlight

One-Shot:one chapter usually less than 10k words. Example:Luna, There's a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane

Long Shots:One chapter stories over 10k words. Example:For the Love of Science

Alternate Universe: Stories wherein the ponies are in an Alternate Universe as defined as not based in the Canon universe of the series: Alternative worlds, parallel universes and such. (Not Crossovers, unless it's a crossover with an already-alternate universe)

An Alternate Universe story has deviated from the basic setting of MLP: FIM in some way or another: much more heavily steam-punk; Nightmare Moon/Discord/Sombra/Chrysalis won scenarios and so forth. Example: Celestia's Tiny Student

Dark: Stories that involve death, famine, plagues, twilight going on rampages murdering all her friends, ect. Example: Cheerilee's Garden

Horror: Stories centered more around psychological trauma rather than physical. Example: A FLEet|ng LIght |n thE DArknEsS

Sci-Fi : Technology in Ponyland. Example: Our First Steps

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Hey there!

The Ghost of Coltistrano is a fun, cape and cowl adventure diving into themes of heroism in a conflict spanning three entries, including Restless Peace and Phantom Eulogy. If you've been looking for something to scratch your pulp hero itch, this is the place.

Stop by and enjoy!

TThe Ghost of Coltistrano
There are stories children are told of a figure in black, emerging from the darkness to strike at those who threaten the goodness of the world. This creature is the Ghost, but for young Silver Spade, it's his last hope for vengeance beyond the grave.
EthanClark · 90k words  ·  42  2 · 2.3k views

The only admin hasn’t been on the site for nearly 5 years, so it’s entirely on the honor system at the moment.
A shame, but the only ways to fix it would be to ask a site administrator or get DangerBeans back.

Someone needs to entirely redo the Long-Shots folder, every other story in it seems to be a full chaptered story

Do you guys have any human story’s where a human who’s a electrician in his 20s get sent to Equestria after his killed by electric while working gets sent to Equestria can’t find a form on here where I could ask this

Repercussions was accidentally added to "novellas" couldn't undo it.

Is it alright if a story is posted in more than one folder so long as it actually fits?

I have a few stories on completion, but I have to know, do poems count?

It's beautiful, I don't have to wait for months to get one chapter, they're all complete!

Hi everyone! Just joined your group. Glad to be here! :twilightsmile:

Just found this group. I was wondering how Stardust isn't in the 6* category or what really qualifies those. I know Stardust is so highly recommended that even Xcom fans who don't much like mlp recommend it over their own fanfictions. Its also recently began publishing in book form as well.

I'm looking for a story I read years ago. I have no clue what it's called, but it involved twilight finding herself in a weird alternate reality were she meets this filly and her caretaker. I think the filly was named ruby. Either way, twilight ended up having to save the filly from the caretaker. If anyone has any ideas, please tell me!

are there any storys where dash gets possessened

I just plunked a new sad story in the sad folder. Mister Lonely Heart 2: What We Leave Behind is my latest story that has my reformed changeling "Grievance Councelor" try to help Applejack with her decade-old grief.
How? By asking him to mimic a dead family member.

Anyone know of any good stories starring Rainbow Dash?

So, just out of curiosity... do any of y'all know of a good long Twiligh/Discord stories? At least one where they get together and start a family?

I am really sorry about this, guys. :twilightsheepish: I tend to get a little zealous about adding stories to groups and end up adding incomplete fictions here. Please excuse me.

Whoopsie! Sorry! I mistakenly added an incomplete story.

392536 The Ending, which would be the Final chapter of the story?
I have been holding this chapter for a story for a while, now it was the time.
The story should be in AU, which was the closest to what the story is about.
Both the alternative categories are conflicting with the story; if the story feels random, but no comedy,
and includes Humans, but is no Crossover?

I always find the ending of the story, the saddest part of the story.

379765 You could have pasted the title of the story into the link, instead of merely reuing the link?

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