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Mister Lonely Heart has had to imitate a wide variety of ponies that his clients scream and yell at. When Applejack asks him to imitate her deceased father, he finds out not only Applejack's darkest secret, but other family secrets as well.
This is a sequel to Mister Lonely Heart.

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Oh damn... that was dark. That was really dark.

Thanks! I was hoping to get this kind of reaction.

I was expecting incest or pedophilia or both this..........this is far worse.

I'm glad I haven't lost my ability to get under my reader's skins. :pinkiecrazy:

God above... Now I just want to find Applejack and hug her...:fluttercry: Nopony should have to live with that kind of guilt, nopony.

Yeah, I want to hug her, too. This is the first Applejack-centric story I've done. I'm happy with the results.

Well, you should be. For the first AJ centered story you've done, you did quite well I say.

Technically speaking, while he legally can't go telling other ponies about his clients, he does have the right to report crimes a client has committed. What Big Mac is doing to Applejack is emotional abuse, and could be legally considered a crime. I'm not sure what channels would be involved here, but legally he could go to the authorities without risking his medical licence

I hope there's more with Mr. Lonely Hearts. This was pretty good.

So, if I'm reading this right, you're saying that Big Mac is a cold-hearted sociopath who is spending every waking movement doing his best to control and manipulate Applejack's life so she lives every waking moment in guilt driven agony until she works herself into an early grave, fuelled by his utter hatred for his sister because she got special treatment and was too afraid to save her parents when she was a filly? Thus spitting on his parent's grave because he's disregarding their lesson of "Family Comes First"?

...Why does this not have a [Dark] and [Alt. U} Tag?

What a cold-hearted bastard Big Mac is in this one; poor AJ... :fluttercry:

Considering how often Big Mac is depicted as a big cuddly teddy bear, I couldn't help but think of a quote from an episode of "Batman The Animated Series", which goes "The brighter the picture, the darker the negative".

Your analysis is correct. (Thanks for the censor bars, by the way.) Technically, every fanfiction is Alternate Universe. I used the tag on my Equestria Wasteland story "The Unraveled World", but that's because it was a Equestria Wasteland story.
As for the darkness in the story? Well, people who are touchy about depressing material steer clear of Sad-tagged stories, anyway.
I've written much darker stuff than this.

If I can come up with anything else, I'll post it here first. I'm glad you liked it.

I'll have to remember this if I write another MLH story. (Maybe mention your points the next time a pony asks MLH questions about privacy laws? Hmm. Possibly.):ajsmug:

True, but then again, so is (forgive me if I'm wording this wrong, English isn't my first language) failure to render assistance with fatal consequences. As in, choosing not help someone when said person is in danger of dying without a chance of dying yourself (which, given she's an Earth Pony and the story says that she would've been powerful enough to do so, is simply the case).

Sure, she might get out because she was a filly (and is a mare, you know how it is with sentences and genders), but I see no reason why Big Mac being harsh to the person who decided NOT to save his parents life would qualify as some sort of high treason or whatever.

The law itself is also fairly new and might not be in effect in Equestria. Before a change in... I think it was 2015 (?) such abuse was only a criminal offense when it... well, was abuse. Nowadays, the rules are:

  • Isolating a person from their friends and family
  • Controlling what they do, where they go, who they can see, what they wear and when they sleep
  • Repeatedly putting them down, such as telling them they are worthless
  • Enforcing rules and activity which humiliate, degrade or dehumanise the victim
  • Financial abuse
  • Threats to reveal or publish private information

I wouldn't say he's putting her down, per se, as he's not even talking to her. I mean, all he's basically doing is having her remember that she choose to let their parents die... Which she did. I wouldn't say it's humilation. Not even sure if you can call that shaming either.

Also.. it would not be good for business if he relied on that. If it becomes public knowledge that he adds a little "except when I choose to" to his "I will never tell anyone what happened here", his business is done for, or at least hindered.

Further, it would put Applejack in a situation where she can't even sustain the farm her family made and successfully screwed another family member over, which oughta go down like oil with her conscience... IF the penalities are even that harsh and it's not just a waste of time.

Then it's also his word against Big Macs, so unless they waste a truth spell on that (which they might do, granted, because well, female and celebrity), they can just brand the changeling a liar. Would Applejack stand against her brother? Or would she tell that she mentioned it in their session, possibly leading the changeling to false conclusions?

Also, he'd be allowed to REPORT it... Not tell the entire town. Again, this is probably a fine at best. We are talking emotional abuse here. You know, the thing a person experiences when you tell them to f**k off. I doubt it'll be that harsh of a punishment to be worth all the trouble that comes for it.

Bonus points if Applebloom figures out that Applejack took not only her parents, but her brother too. That ought to be hilarious drama...

On second thought, scratch what I said. The changeling playing whistleblower should be entertaining :pinkiehappy:

Admittedly its not a perfect situation, and perhaps Mr Lonely Hearts wouldn't pursue that path. I was just letting it known he legally could go to authorities with Big Mac's confession. What would happen after that I don't know. Might be good, might be bad, might be the same. Either way though, in his shoes, would you feel better keeping it a secret or doing something to try to help, as limited as it might end up being?

Personally... Yes, I'd keep the secret.
The first reason is personal: I rarely break my word. That also means I rarely give it... but it is what it is. Just the type of person I am.

Secondly, I hate to say it, but... If my brother were to kill my parents, I'd be pissed at him too. I know she just choose not to help, but you know... Tomato Tomato. And even if the story doesn't really say anything about it, Big Mac says that he only pulls it out of Applejack is being an arrogant show off. This is something I'd strictly put on the line of "get over it". Heck, it's not like Applejack was willing to tell her remaining family what she did either.

Finally, I feel like the ways it could go wrong would outweight any benefit. Even if everything goes through legally (and so many things can go wrong, from no or next to no punishment to it going the entirely opposite direction and AJ being tried for malevolent indifference), the only thing that would've been achieved is getting Applebloom to loose another member of her family to AJ. And she'd know, because it would come out as soon as there's a trial, one way or the other. Would you want Applejack to live in a world where her silblings, her only remaining direct family, hate her for what she did? I sure wouldn't.

It's mostly the third one and the fine line between putting someone down and keeping someone grounded in reality that makes the "No tell" for me, at least if I were the changeling.

Your reasons a good and I respect your opinion. I disagree myself, but only because Applejack was just in the hospital for a heart problem, which is why she is seeking a counsellor in the first place. Big Mac going to Mr Lonely Heart was simply to give himself more praise or potentially worse, to stop Lonely Heart from being able to properly help Applejack.

While Big Mac has a right to be angry, he has reached the point where Applejack's health and potentially life has become endangered, and by his own words, doesn't really believe he has crossed a line, and believes she is faking it, and so will continue his abuse in the future.

While reporting him might ultimately cause more emotional problems (and even then, Apple Bloom might react negatively towards Big Mac, rather then towards Applejack once the truth is learned), if it means Applejack's physical health can be saved, I think it is still the more worthwhile option. Emotions can hurt, but overtime they can be healed. A life lost can't.

I see what you mean, but don't forget: She KILLED two ponies. His parents. One lost life can't be healed? Well, try two.

The thing is that he did try his best to give her another chance. This is more than a lot of people will give their parents' killer. And she chose to lie. The truth will come out after the trial, and I honestly see Applebloom choosing "she killed our parents, and I'll make sure she won't forget it" over "I chose to let our parents die, and when your brother was bothering me about it, I removed him from our life too". Honestly, I think that's flat out psychotic.

Applejacks physical health could easily be saved. Namely, she could come clean and finally get over it. While the story is incredibly one-sided and heavily biased towards her side, the fact remains that the only reason he can hurt her is that she doesn't forgive herself. What Big Mac is doing is reminding AJ that she killed them. He doesn't directly put her down for that (if he did, I'd be more inclined to take her side on this), he just reminds her that she's made mistakes and shouldn't act as if she didn't make any.

Besides, you aren't really saving a life, aren't you? You're likely sending someone to prison (if something that big happens or anything happens at all), ruining his life, effectively ending it (trust me, it's not sunshine and rainbows in prison or the life after). You're not saving anyone, you're just making it worse for all parties involved. Sure, maybe Applejack'll live (knowing she just curshed another family members' life), but Big Mac is down for the count.

Also... it depends on what'll happen afterwards. In the story, I mean. Big Mac is currently convinced that she's bluffing (heck, maybe she is, you have to consider that too), but will that last? Further, what GOOD did it do? Would Applejack have abandoned her family later on? What do we know about who Applejack was back when her parents were alive anyway? Especially in an A.U.? And if what Big Mac is implying is true (the Orchard does so good because AJ is working hard)... wouldn't that mean her life would be an exchange for Big Mac's and Applebloom's? And despite him thinking she's faking it... he's considering to hire help. He has no intention of letting her die, for better or worse. So we'd be justifying ruining a life by banking on Big Mac letting her work herself to death, which would go against anything he'd want, because he thinks she's faking. If the author would've put in AJ actually dying... maybe, but like this...

Don't misunderstand, I can see what you mean, but the bottom line for me is: If you don't wanna regret something for life, don't do something you'll regret for life.

At any point in time, AJ could just get out the door and leave. Big Mac isn't threatening her, after all. As far as abusive relationships go, this is so mild that I honestly consider it a nonissue. She could just fess up what she did. After that, he can't control her anymore. She doesn't though. And that's her being a coward and it's her fault. And as someone who's BEEN in an abusive relationship (a modern one, I mean. No physical violence, just a constant reminder of worthlessness... which is again more than AJ has to endure), I can say that the only way to get out of it is to snap out of it. It's her choice, just like it was her choice when she let her parents die, and she'll have to live with it.

That's fair enough. You're right that story does push for us to emphasise with AJ and not Big Mac, and your other views I do understand.

I think this is an issue we aren't likely to agree on though. I'm glad we had this discussion, as it has made me look over the situation, but I still feel more inclined towards AJ then Big Mac. Again, I respect your opinion and absolutely see your reasoning, I just personally see Big Mac's approach to this situation, as wrong, whether or not it could be justified by AJ's inaction.

That sounds like a fair idea to me. Thanks for the discussion 😊

You've made some interesting points. The way it stands now, MLH is stuck for options. I'm flattered that you've put in this much effort to explain your thoughts about my story. I live to see this kind of reaction.:pinkiehappy:

I honestly liked this one more than the first. The conflict on this fic was pretty interesting, I really felt bad for poor AJ. Also Big Mac could bee an great villain.

U get a like, man!

Cool! I'm glad that folks like you like my story that much! Thanks for the fave.

And know i want to break big macs legs off bustard going way to far applejack and a fucking heart attack thanks to what he has been doing

amazing story, who knew that big Mac could be evil? I never really liked him anyway.


and when your brother was bothering me about it, I removed him from our life too

You're likely sending someone to prison (if something that big happens or anything happens at all), ruining his life, effectively ending it (trust me, it's not sunshine and rainbows in prison or the life after). 


Again, this is probably a fine at best. We are talking emotional abuse here. You know, the thing a person experiences when you tell them to f**k off. I doubt it'll be that harsh of a punishment to be worth all the trouble that comes for it.

Not even a fine. This is below the authorities; a family issue.

I don't know the Equestrian legal system, so I wanted to point out that it's a lose-lose thing either way.

I doubt the Equestian legal system is going to send someone in prison to rot if they're not a threat to Equestria. What we've seen of it has been extremely forgiving. But fair enough.

It seems to me the solution here is the same as the one to the episode Green Isn't Your Color. Without getting into specifics. Lonely Hearts should strongly encourage Applejack to tell the truth. There's several reasons she should; it'll let her know what her family knows so she can evaluate their (namely Big Mac's) behavior in that context, it'll let her family know how she feels about the situation and that she does feel guilt, and it'll allow Big Mac to discuss his own feelings on the matter. Lonely Hearts can say that the imperative to come clean is based on his own expertise, and if he wants to get a little into the gray area, say he's privy to information that makes confessing imperative but can't say what that information was, or tell Applejack she actually has no idea whether anyone saw her that fateful day.


It seems to me your disagreement comes from the fact that there's a discrepancy in what Big Mac said he did, and the effect that's happening on Applejack.

Other than harboring negative feelings toward AJ and thinking she's faking being sick, all he's said he actually does explicitly is pull out the family photo album when AJ gets "uppity". He said he's been doing that for half her life, and that's made out to be like it's a constant leash of manipulation.

The troubles of Applejack is that she's constantly over-working herself 'til she has a heart condition and needs to go to the hospital and the depiction at the end of the story is of an AJ with bags under her eyes with a confident spectre of Big Macintosh always looming over her shoulder like a grand puppet master.

The two sides of the story don't quite fit. Is Big Mac telling us everything? If not, what's he doing to constantly control Applejack? Is the main culprit of Applejack's abuse Applejack herself, with Big Mac being a mere thorn not even privy to the full extent of her guilt, hence his thinking she's faking being sick?

We don't know.

Hence why AJ ought to make she she knows what her family does and does not know (by confessing), and make sure they know what she feels, so Big Mac's actions can be both more deliberated and more clearly deliberate.

You've inspired intimate conversation and discussion about this story and many things that happen in it. In my opinion this is on every of the better stories this site has to offer and you did a fantastic job throughout. As an aspiring psychologist, I deeply enjoy anything to do with a character centered around counseling and the idea of a changeling filling such a roll. The two stories show how this character and his role in the universe could be episodic, greeting client said every story while tying it together with the issue pertaining to Applejack. I never expected such in-depth and unique interpretations of the problems they would be going through and I loved every second of reading this. Thank you.

You are very welcome! :ajsmug: Thank you for the comments and for the fave!

Hmm... I think I might know a way Lonely Heart can alert Applejack without pointing to himself directly... :trixieshiftright:

I'm sure you do.:ajsmug: I'm glad you like my story.

I certainly do! I love both of them. :twilightsmile:

This was an interesting tale that earned a fav and thumbs-up for the subjects it touched, and the commentary it raised from other users.

I personally would love to read more of Lonely Heart's experiences with the ponies around him, though like a user said, convincing Applejack to come out clean to her family would be the best solution.

Despite Big Mac's opinion of her being able to save their parents from the flash-flood, I still believe that it would have resulted in her death due to her size back then. The three of them would have been dragged to drown. Thus, this family issue is far more thorny than what most professionals would like - which renders the situation very hard to handle professionally.

So, two individuals who are screwed for different reasons, with one blaming herself for her cowardice to this day, and the other who blames her for her cowardice and lying to this day.

The only solution would be questioning themselves: can a foal be capable of rescuing two fully grown ponies from a flash-flood?

Why didn't Big Mac get down to it, then?

Too many questions left with no answers. *wink-wink*

Holy shit, i did not expect to gain a burning hatred for big mac out of all of this. This is really dirty, and i wonder if real therapists have to live with this kind of crap.

on an "totally overthinking it"note. I wonder if he'd ever realize just how much he's setting his family up for failure by emotionally compromising the only other dedicated farmhand by the time they both get granny's age

Oh and throw in some "something something hypocrisy"

Therapists probably do have to endure the pettiness that this story's villain revels in. As for what the long term consequences that you mentioned? You make a good point. Thanks for the comments. :ajsmug:

This was super dark. But good.

I'm glad you liked it. Sequels tend to get fewer views, but I couldn't not write this one.

Sweet Baby Moses are you sure Big Mac isn't suppose to be a freaking villian WTF!
I never thought I would be mad at someone but I want punch him in the face. Making AJ feel guitly, then making much worse. I hope AJ doesn't work herself to death, and you get the same thing

I feel like he was way OOC

This was the only time that the villain didn't get punished in one of my stories, so there's that. I had to write a story where the villain got away with his deeds otherwise the story simply falls apart. At least for me. I'm glad that you feel this strongly about my story; it means that I did my job right. The stories that don't inspire some kind of reaction from the reader are the stories that fail. (I've had a few that have done that.:ajsleepy:)

By the way, thanks for the fave on "Mister Lonely Heart.":twilightsmile:

I hope that you continue this series. Its interesting

I'm afraid I don't have any more ideas for Mister Lonely Heart. I'm glad that you like my stuff.
Right now I'm in cartoonist-mode, cranking out dark humor toons in my blog.

If you have any more ideas in the future, I’d like to see this series continue

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