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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury


When King Thorax released his reformed changelings into Equestria, Mister Lonely Heart set up shop in Ponyville as a "Grievance Counselor". He mimics ponies that his clients have ugly history with. Twilight Sparkle asks him to do a special job that reveals how deeply troubled her personal life really is.

Featured on 6/15/17! First time ever! Yowzah!🎃
TheDizzyDan did a great Youtube reading!IN THIS LINK!

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Damn, just damn. Out of all the issues I expected Twilight to have, Flash Sentry wasn't one of them.

I'm glad I was able to surprise you. I am also glad you liked my story. 😻

Wow. Poignant, yet also uplifting, like a good conversation between distant buddies. Or an actual therapy visit, now that I think about it.

(WHEW!) Man, I'm glad to hear that. Dialog is a little tricky for me sometimes. Thanks for the fave on this story, by the way.

Very good. The idea of role playing in therapy does happen, especially for family members one doesn't want to face just yet. This was a very unique idea.

I would love to see a sequel for this story depicting the different therapy visits! And i see a bit of Dr. Wolf at the very end there~

And, as a colleague once told me, it’s good to be helping.

Is your colleague a little wolf who acts like a dog when a ball is near him. Love me some Dr Wolf.

But one thing I don't understand did Twilight know Flash before she was Celestia's student?
Overall a nice little read.

Twilight being vulnerable and not the strong "Princess of Friendship" everyone talks about is one of my favorite story topics. Great work, and I hope to see a sequel!

You got it. I figured some folks would catch the Dr. Wolf references. (Look at the chapter title.)
I don't know how long she knew you-know-who, but in this story, that doesn't really matter.
I'm glad you liked it.

Sequel, eh? My mind's shooting blanks right now, but if I do get a sequel idea, this site will be the first place I put it.

I had heard of this type of therapy before, which helped nudge the idea into story-material. I'm glad you liked it.

This is a very good one-shot.

And, as a colleague once told me, it’s good to be helping.

8233283 So the Elements and the whatever-the-heck Astral Plane dimension chose her because... she's a neurotic mess.

Clearly this makes perfect sense.

To a schizo... :trollestia:

Please make another chapter

Bear really enjoyed this. 🐻

Bear agrees with other comments, this would make a good lead in for a multi-chapter story.:twilightsmile:

Quick question: Twilight tried to restructure Flash into her ideal boyfriend, he found it justifiably creepy and left her, and Twilight realized how creepy she was being and regrets it. Is that about right?

That is how Bear has interpreted this.

Exactly. This sort of pathological control-freak mentality is what I've seen in relationships. (That are miserable at best and catastrophic at worst.)

Wow. Just wow. Thanks so much for this. It's easy imagining Mister Lonely Heart singing this while Angel Bunny provides hilarious back-up singing. I called this story "Mister Lonely Heart" because the only other title that I could think of was "The Grievance Councilor" and that title is as boring as beans on toast.

If I can think of one, sure. This story is doing waaay better than I had ever dared to hope. I don't want to smeg things up with a half-assed second chapter.

I gotta say man this was a nice idea and story, It would be awesome to continue on with this one.


Oh I just threw that up because I thought you got the title from the song. But hey, you got a nice story here though.

Damn. Good job dude.

Thanks! Also, thanks for the follow.😹

Pretty sure that's a reference to Dr Wolf

A mare once asked me to mimic a flat-haired version of herself, calling my disguise her evil side. She had issues to hammer out with her dark half and she needed my help


Has nobody made this reference yet? Alright, I'll do it.

As a child of the eighties (I'll hit the big Five-O in December), I approve of this reference.:pinkiesmile:

Good catch with that reference. I was also sneaking in a reference to the first MLP fan-fic I ever wrote called What My Dark Half Is Telling Me.

Loved the shout-out to Dr. Wolf!

I... I'm not sure what to say really. This was very well done. I was not prepared for these feels.

I think he meant in general not a client becoming more but rather a pony he eventually meets one day

One colt asked me to mimic a mare that he was wanted to propose to.

Should be either wanted or was wanting.

Very interesting work, and definitely worth a second reading. Perhaps, hopefully, Dr. Wolf will take notice of this.

One issue I did spot was this one:

Someday I hope that a client will seek more than catharsis or pony-mimicry from me.

This is- as another reader pointed out -a bit... uncomfortable. Perhaps the remedy would be as simple as swapping the word "client" in this statement with "pony". Just a thought.

I feel like I've read this story before. The one I remember had a bit more class, though. Getting gifts from a patient and thinking about cutting her off because she was getting a bit too much into making the "therapist" look like her dead son? Brought the whole "tragic emotional scars" across with a lot more poignancy, I think, especially because it wasn't even the main event of that story, just an off-handed mention that let the implication of the sheer emotional agony the character was going through sink in slowly, on its own.

This feels more like a talk show version of the same idea, in all honesty. The blunt straightforwardness of the story really hurts it there. It's hard to really see any kind of genuine emotional pain in a conversation that feels this stilted - a bit more subtlety wouldn't have gone amiss.

I fixed the grammatical error to "wanting". Thanks for spotting that. As for the other change you were suggesting? I'm not sure if I should. The thing is, I'm worried that if I keep futzing with this story, I might smeg up whatever's making this story work for so many people. I'll have to be careful and think about this some more.
It would be awesome if Dr. Wolf would do a reading of this, but I think he's too busy nowadays with his own projects.
Maybe I should ask TheLostNarrator?
Thanks very much for your feedback and the kind words about my story.

No problem, always happy to compliment. :ajsmug:

I see what you're saying, and I understand. :twilightsmile:
Just thought that on word change would undo a slight... uneasiness that didn't fit in with the rest of the story.

And, as a colleague once told me, it’s good to be helping.


Damn I missed thar

That's okay. I fixed the wording a bit so that the sentence is a little less disconcerting. I figure one little tweak wouldn't hurt.

I fixed the wording a little bit. I figure as long as the overall story remains intact, I'm good.

Interesting form of therapy, could still dig deeper tho.


I'm trying to come up with a suitable sequel, but it's tricky. I don't want to end up telling the same story again, but with a different pony.

Now, this is a good story!

Thanks! I love getting feedback.👌

That was a neat story! I wonder love to see a chapter for each character in the show talking about their problems.

I've been pondering a few ideas, but life is getting in the way. If I can come up with a suitable sequel, one that won't be "Ghostbusters 2" awful, then I'll post it on this site first. (Then it's sent to my account at Deviantart! Whee!)

I had become a colt with light brown fur and a blue mane.

Isn't Flash orange.

Eh. (shrug) I've seen several different colors of his fur in fan art and such. I just stuck with one color scheme and ran with it.

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