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Guys help · 12:06pm Last Friday

Is it possible to have a caffeine overdose?

I'm twitching and spazzing out really badly right now.

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The products of my possible insanity

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  • Code Geass: Stryker of the Equus Rebellion Nymphia has conquered the island nation of Japone with the help of new robotics called Knight-Mares. Stripped of their very identities, the Japonese are renamed Elevens; their land, Colony 11. Among the war, one character shall bring justice: Zero. by Skye Mist 70,726 words · 374 views · 24 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Equestria’s Rebellion Of Heroes Three unlikly heroes must bind together to stop an ancient cult from bringing war unto Equestria. Join Eclipse, a freelance dark mage, Hot Shot, a retried day guard, and Crescent Blade, a bat-pony night guard. Join the three heroes on their quest! by typervader 16,139 words · 201 views · 26 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The New Guard Order A new program has been launched to help Twilight pick the perfect guards. Can Shira Blitz survive said program and prove she's got what it takes to be a warrior? Or will her mysterious past and the Princesses new rules ruin her chances? by colt alchemist 16,265 words · 425 views · 20 likes · 3 dislikes
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You shoud release the first chapter why we whate you kinda all ready did after all

Haven't touched it in a week because of school.

I'm a fucking hack!

how far are you in FoE BO

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