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Gundam tabletop · 5:09am Oct 15th, 2019

(On mobile forgive any errors) I'm trying to develop a Gundam tabletop system from D&D 5e stat and skill system. I'd like to run test sessions with it and hammer out any problems before planning a full campaign with it, I'm here looking for volunteers. While experience in 5e would be nice, the system is really intuitive and easy to learn how to use, I can teach you so experience is not needed. If you're interested or want further details of the system or playtime. Dm me here or on Discord @

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I'm not writing fanfics anymore, since I'm focusing on original works specifically a book.

But I can be a proofreader or beta reader if you want?

Hey, it's been awhile since we last talked, were you still interested in The Unexpected Tyranny of Dusk Shine?

when are you going to upload the next chapter

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