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2 Million Freaking Words!

The admin is
New Undead Empire

This group was made so that when another story passes 2 million (And let's be honest here. That might not happen for a while.) we will all know!

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Wait, are 2M+ stories a thing now?

403500 Excessive? No no no. Just... Productive

Well that's not even a little bit excessive.

403468 Yep! But KudzuHaiku is taking it to the next level with his I'mgoingtobethefirstonewith3million!

so we're just part of the group for awareness? am I correct LostFaith?

403465 Oh god. Stop them! They're crazy!


Meh, challenge accomplished. Heh, I'll hit 3 mill and not even try hard. :pinkiecrazy:

403463 into the group you mean?

403457 I don't know?

403456 Oh no! If it's copy and paste over and over I'm going to die.

Thanks for the invite but why me?

2 million words? Challenge accepted.

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