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Lighttone GryphonStar

I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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New Origins - Lighttone Gryphonstar

Name: Lighttone Gryphonstar

Species: Sentient Lion.

Description: Gray coat and a dark green and light purple mane. His eyes are a gray and black.

Common Appearance: He wears a navy blue cowboy hat, a navy blue steampunk long trench coat. Under the coat he wore a dark purple vest with a maroon tie over a dark green dress shirt, and pair of dark green pants. He wears a red metal right hand and a left-handed gold and black rapier with a cobra head symbol and his left side hidden in his coat. As well as wears a pair of red iron toe boots

Personality: Wise, yet funny. A bit insane. Very Stubborn.

Background: Has been alive for many millenniums. He once worked alongside Celestia and Luna’s grandfather King Heavonos in defeating the Three Titans of Power. After years working with ponies, Lighttone found love in a fiery alicorn named Firera Burningstar. They were to be wed, but on the wedding both Lighttone and Firera were cursed with a bound immortality by one of the followers of Ra, one of the titans that him and King Heavonos slain. Their immortality would last for as long as the Sun.

Where is he now: After living much more millenniums than planned, he and Firera have lived through many historical events. Nowadays, Lighttone is a writer while Firera, hiding herself as a unicorn is the chief of a reporting crew.

Quote: "Bloody hell, I haven't seen something like this since (Insert random historical event)."


Bonus: I have a patreon page. Come over check out the rewards you can get. And Twitter account.


Journey To Hearth Season 5 Episode List and Previews · 6:07pm Aug 3rd, 2022

Last season left off on a massive cliffhanger. This season we pick up where that left off, going into Pegasus Isles with a banger of a season. So anything to look forward to in this blog, from each episode title, to small tidbit previews of stuff to come from this season. We will also be exploring the world of the pegasi and their history. In particular their connections to the griffins and even the mysterious demonic Nuckelavee. Yes, the brand new species I unveiled last season, they too,

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Yes, we need more fics on this ship. I'm so glad I found it.

Thankie for the fav on Not Too Fast, Mr. Griff! :pinkiehappy:

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Thank you again. I'm still waiting for an answer but I am hoping for the best.

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