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Lighttone GryphonStar

I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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Lighttone Gryphonstar Origins / Ongoing Serieses

Name: Lighttone Gryphonstar

Species: Sentient Lion.

Description: Gray coat and a dark green and light purple mane. His eyes are a gray and black.

Common Appearance: He wears a navy blue cowboy hat, a navy blue steampunk long trench coat. Under the coat he wore a dark purple vest with a maroon tie over a dark green dress shirt, and pair of dark green pants. He wears a red metal right hand and a left-handed gold and black rapier with a cobra head symbol and his left side hidden in his coat. As well as wears a pair of red iron toe boots

Personality: Wise, yet funny. A bit insane. Very Stubborn.

Background: Has been alive for many millenniums. He once worked alongside Celestia and Luna’s grandfather King Heavonos in defeating the Three Titans of Power. After years working with ponies, Lighttone found love in a fiery alicorn named Firera Burningstar. They were to be wed, but on the wedding both Lighttone and Firera were cursed with a bound immortality by one of the followers of Ra, one of the titans that him and King Heavonos slain. Their immortality would last for as long as the Sun.

Where is he now: After living much more millenniums than planned, he and Firera have lived through many historical events. Nowadays, Lighttone is a writer while Firera, hiding herself as a unicorn is the chief of a reporting crew.

Quote: "Bloody hell, I haven't seen something like this since (Insert random historical event)."


Currently, I've got four ongoing series.

Journey To Hearth's Warming: Post once a month, breaks during January, February, June, July

Something Very Wrong With Canterlot: Post three times a month, breaks during December, January, May, June, July

Hoodwinked: Pony Edition: Flexible schedule, but usually one post per month

Stuck In Place: Very flexible schedule, one chapter during each big holiday month


SWWC Side Series List - All 18 Parts With Links That Will Update When Posted · 10:25pm Dec 10th, 2023

The part of my ever growing universe is arriving this week. A series of one shots and mini stories, spanning about 4-6 chapters each. During the winter, I will post two one shots and during the summer the mini stories. Each one can be read on their own, but are also meant to serve as backdrop to the main series of anthology, Something Wrong With Canterlot. Each one will offer extra details to certain stories within the anthology. You can read those stories first or these. Now you are probably

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Journey To Hearth's Warming Season 6 Preview · 8:42pm Jul 5th, 2023

The last time we saw the group, they are all being separated once more by the resurrection of the corpse of King Ixion. Clover and Twilight got pulled into the giant hand of the beast. Silver Pear and Starlight were trapped under rubble. Clovis was stabbed through the stomach and sent falling into the canyons. Rex, at the center of it all, trying to stop Aytim from taking a new host. Commander Hurricane, rushed through the warzone to reach her brother. The alicorn sisters had just arrived for

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Who are the Anti-Six? New Commission / New Artist / · 8:31pm Dec 28th, 2023

The Anti six are a group of six warriors that were formerly friends of the main six. None of them are ocs, rather I've taken close and background characters that the fandom often connects directly to the main six and turned them into the worst of the worst. Their minds and bodies have been morphed by King Kray to be the perfect opposite of each of the main six. This post will give you all the information about them and will even update every time one of them gets an art piece. First up, Slice

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I never understood mass downvoting a comment section that doesn't even belong to you. Did I piss someone off? I'm mildly convinced this might be the person who keeps downvoting my stories as soon as they got posted, or that one jackass that decided to double-downvote a story on my birthday. If so can I know what happened? I'm not mad, but why do you hate me?

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Awesome. One of my two current long-running stories. It gets one post per month with breaks during winter and summer.

It was your Journey to hearths warming story, looked interesting, haven't read it yet, but I will the next day off I have! :pinkiehappy:

Always a big fan of the plague doctor.

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