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Lighttone GryphonStar

I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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New Origins - Lighttone Gryphonstar

Name: Lighttone Gryphonstar

Species: Sentient Lion.

Description: Gray coat and a dark green and light purple mane. His eyes are a gray and black.

Common Appearance: He wears a navy blue cowboy hat, a navy blue steampunk long trench coat. Under the coat he wore a dark purple vest with a maroon tie over a dark green dress shirt, and pair of dark green pants. He wears a red metal right hand and a left-handed gold and black rapier with a cobra head symbol and his left side hidden in his coat. As well as wears a pair of red iron toe boots

Personality: Wise, yet funny. A bit insane. Very Stubborn.

Background: Has been alive for many millenniums. He once worked alongside Celestia and Luna’s grandfather King Heavonos in defeating the Three Titans of Power. After years working with ponies, Lighttone found love in a fiery alicorn named Firera Burningstar. They were to be wed, but on the wedding both Lighttone and Firera were cursed with a bound immortality by one of the followers of Ra, one of the titans that him and King Heavonos slain. Their immortality would last for as long as the Sun.

Where is he now: After living much more millenniums than planned, he and Firera have lived through many historical events. Nowadays, Lighttone is a writer while Firera, hiding herself as a unicorn is the chief of a reporting crew.

Quote: "Bloody hell, I haven't seen something like this since (Insert random historical event)."


Bonus: I have a patreon page. Come over check out the rewards you can get. And Twitter account.


Journey To Hearth's Warming Season 2 Blog / Chapter Names List / New Tidbits · 6:37pm July 31st

Yes, you read that title right I'm posting a full season post that will contain titles of each chapter as well as the tidbits that go with them. This will be big so don't miss this. Warning ahead though there will only be one tidbit per chapter this is because last season the thing that rushed me the most was those so I'm knocking those down to one per chapter, that still means you will be getting nine tidbits as well as chapters, you will also be getting a new prologue exclusive for this

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Endless Time, Or Forever End is back. And the new Twilily Saga. (Newly Updated) · 12:24pm Apr 7th, 2016

I'm bringing it back my friends. Now full restore and remastered. New scenes and better lay out story. Better descriptions and new look. I decided to do one chapter a week instead of two. But I will go ahead and release two chapters this week. Today I'll release the first chapter and tomorrow I'll release the next chapter.


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Sorry, for not getting back soon been so dang busy with work. You're totally welcome. It was a good read.

Wow, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Thank you for your words. Really there wasn't any problem between us if you're assuming that. I just drop contact due to two things. One, being very busy with recent stuff and two a blog you posted telling everyone that you were leaving. When I receive the notification for that old blog I chose to cut myself so my friendship wouldn't force you to stay. My mind usually puts others first long before considering myself. I'm sorry that I pushed away. I wasn't really trying to cause harm of any kind. I just chose to leave it be, I move so far ahead anyway.

If you want my friendship back, I'm perfectly fine with being your friend again. Only if I'm not forcing you into this.


As for the story Can You Run Forever?, I'm sorry that story went so badly, I really backed myself into a corner with such a far ahead time jump. Really this story would have been so much better posted later on. Back then I only had a base plan for my universe. Now I have a much better plan, unfortunately, that makes the story no longer canon to my universe. So, I'm sorry for not finishing it. The art piece you provided is so good..., but if you want I can remove the picture from the story.

Your choice either way.


Finally, I did finally get myself a Skype and Discord account if you would rather talk there. Though the Discord account is currently down, the other Skype account works perfectly fine.

Let the past be the past and keep moving forward, no matter what happens. That's what my granpappy always said to me and I throw those words of wisdom your way. Since the last time we spoke, you've become a bigger, more important story writer here on FIMFiction and I would say 'congrats' and all that, but we both know that there's no time for that. Seeing you succeed like this makes me smile, even if one of your worst stories still walks around with my drawing as its face. But, I'm not here to complain.
I'm not even here to congratulate you on a job well done.

I'm just here with a smile.
Just to say hi, old friend.

I cannot tell you how thankful and appreciative I am to see "Forever Your Lady" in your favorites folders :twilightsmile: it means more to me than you know!


Well, Long time back I read 'Flash and Nox'

I'm actaully planning a new story featuring some of the characters from that story. Sort of a one-shot, maybe longer where the readers get to look at the future these characters as I try to re-establish them in better places in my universe.

I'm good for comments so expect them when I've had a 'coffee moment' with one of them.

Yea!! I'm always happy to get comments.

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