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This group is about stories that either

A. involve Twilight rejecting being an alicorn
B. Twilight ascension having negative consequences for various reasons
C. Loss of love ones due to being immortal ending with negative consequences

Note: Stories do not have to end in tragedy.

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I NEVER liked alicorn Twilight. I think she should have met Starswirl the Bearded at the end of Magical Mystery Cure instead of Princess Celestia, and he takes her on as a pupil.

Comment posted by TheTrueDragoon deleted Aug 21st, 2014

I keep trying to find a story I once read that's basically an alternate ending to Magical Mystery Cure. In it, Twilight has some sort of vision of the future and what a curse becoming an immortal alicorn princess would be, then wakes up in the library with her friends before she can complete the spell and decides to leave it unfinished. Ring any bells? It's driving me nuts.

Oh, yay! I am very again Twilicorn! I'm so glad there's a group about it!
P.S. I have a story called Magical Mystery Clothing, which is the Equestria Girls version of Magical Mystery Cure, and at the end Twilight states she doesn't want to be a princess. Would that be allowed to be in the group?

New here. Don't post much.

Such a quiet group of people...

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