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Yes, I saw it.

Do you know I commented on part 1 that yours and splash turner's have lion king vibes in it?

For those who want to know what's going on with my Alternate "Ponyville Confidential" story, I just want to say that I admit that I screwed up on my first version. The truth is that after I read "Ponyville Runaways" by Splash Surfer 216, I wanted to do my own version because I think the CMC running away due to Gabby Gums is a great idea. But I messed up on my first version because I was so focused on what I was doing DIFFERENTLY that I failed to realize that the REST of it was basically just a copy and paste of Ponyville Runaways. I guess I jumped the gun. Thankfully, Splash Surfer 216 and I have cleared things up. I apologize to everyone else for my mistake. I am currently doing a rewrite of my story, and I hope to have the first part up soon.

It's possible. You never know...

Personally I'd like to see an alternate version of the one where Pinkie Pie knows, where Pinkie confesses to Princess Cadence, Shining Armour and her friends that She's been struggling to keep their new baby a surprise this whole time.

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