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This group is made to collect the various fanfics that call out characters for their actions they've done in the episodes. Every episode is included, from the very first episode to the very last. So long as a fanfic calls someone out for what they've done, it's in here. It was originally the ACW Call-Out until it begins to expand into the Accusation Fic Collection it's known today.

For most newcomers, the question comes to their heads of "why make this group?". That is a simple answer: catharsis. There's always an episode someone hates, whether it'd be the infamous Mare-Do-Well or Ponyville Confidential episodes or something that everyone else loves like A Canterlot Wedding. Most of the time, the reason why they are hated is because the episodes in question have their characters be mean spirited in a show that's supposed to be about friendship, love, and tolerance, or act counter to the morals given in the show. Worst of all, these episodes end without those very moments being questioned.

So, in response to these episodes, fanfic writers write up scenarios that happen during these episodes, whether they be after or in the middle of an episode with the sole intention of addressing the problem of the episode in question and ensuring the ponies learn their lesson. This can be done in many ways. The ponies could feel remorse for what they've done, the pony attacked in the episode could lash out, or, hell, some great evil comes up to punish the ponies in some way, shape, or form.

Whatever the reason, its hits a much needed catharsis for those who didn't like a particular episode that the show more often than not skimps out on. And that is the aim for this collection. Catharsis.

So now contributors could ponder "Well what goes here?" Well, any fanfic where a character is called out over stuff they did in the show. However, there are limitations.

For one, they have to be actions that they did in the show/comic. To give you an example, a fanfic where Pinkie Pie is called out over the events of Filli Vanilli would get accepted into this group, but not over the events of, say, Cupcakes. This group is made to focus on what happened in canon (and semi-canon if you count the IDW comics), not fanon.

Another thing, the focus of the fanfic has to be regarding the calling out. To give you an example, Post-Nuptials focuses entirely on ponies feeling guilty over their actions in A Canterlot Wedding. To contrast: Harmony Theory, while it opens up with Luna accusing Celestia of holding back, is not the main focus of the story. The reason for this is because this group's main focus is ponies getting called out.

And one final thing. It doesn't matter if the character being called out is a hero or a villain. Catharsis is made regardless.

The banner comes from a strip of Totally Lashed. In this case, #76.

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Stop repeating yourself and stop triple posting.

Comment posted by TrainDude90S deleted July 19th
Comment posted by TrainDude90S deleted July 19th
Comment posted by TrainDude90S deleted July 26th
Comment posted by TrainDude90S deleted July 19th

Maybe because you have done that repeatedly. If you had deleted the comment after making the thread, you might not have been removed.

Bear in mind Alphamon has been promoted to moderator and he is not as patient as Psyga. Bring this to Psyga’s attention if you feel this was a disproportionate punishment.

I want to start discussion, and I realized too late it would make a better dedicated thread.
Edit: Why was I banned a few hours ago?
Edit 2: Alphamon? The guy I had a dumb argument with over Glimmer a while back? You hired that guy to be a moderator? What, did he change while I wasn't looking?

Why do you post these here, then post the same comment as the first post of a new thread?

Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted July 25th
Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted July 25th

If you want blame, Blame Chancellor Neighsay!

Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted July 26th
Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted July 26th

Now that season 8 has started, can we have a folder for stories for that season?

I can definitely think of a few episodes that I know need a rewrite so...consider me new member:raritywink:!

Tell me about it.

Regarding the current banner, I'm not sure if what was picked for Rarity really qualifies as accusation material. I don't even think "Sweet and Elite" warrants any accusation material.

I hear ya, this show is running down it's ideas for something that is a complete waste of time.
I really despised their behavior since Friends Forever #38 and this episode Royal Problem.

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