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Comment posted by Toonwriter deleted Nov 10th, 2021

I have some plot Ideas for The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride, but don't even think about telling me to keep thoughts to myself again. Anyway, Twilight and friends along with Thorax and Tempest attend the birth of Kiara. After that Rafiki explains to the group why Simba banished the outsiders from the pride lands due to their loyalty to scar. The royal sisters along with Master Yen Sid would instruct them to unite the two prides, and the spirit of Mufasa would have them bring Kovu and Kiara Together. Pinkie Pie wouldn't be happy about Simba breaking his promise to let his daughter hunt on her own. While looking at the stars, Tempest and Thorax tell Kovu about their tragic backstories and how they relate to each other. After Simba exiles Kovu, the Equestrians berate him for defying Mufasa's plan and letting his hatred for scar get the best of him. At first Simba refuses to believe it until he has a stern lecture from his father's spirit. And as for Zira, boy she'll totally remind Thorax of Chrysalis, especially at the end.

And by the way, I was able to write two stories in one year. Who knows when the drive comes back again.

I'm only trying to help, dammit!

You will never command me. If I say it's gonna be that way, it's gonna be that way. And nothing's gonna change that or ruin it. Not even you. So keep your thoughts to yourself and leave me and others alone before I really get upset.

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