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Thanks for the favourite on Corpse Party!

Thanks, not sure what the prologue and first act of When the Tree Talks would be about. But the second act would involve Twilight meeting the spirit of the tree of harmony. In the third act where the mane 6 converse about the tree and acknoledge their stupidity from the episode The Mean Six. Meanwhile, Crysallis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek are united by the real Grogar.

The Crusaders Save the Day

Prologue: Starlight Glimmer enters Twilight Sparkle's office and talks about the events from School Raze. They prepare a party. The Cutie Mark Crusaders show up and leave a note on Twilight's desk.

Act 1: At the party celebration, all the students, the mane 6, the royal sisters, and the non-pony leaders gather to celebrate the young 6 for the heroism, and Twilight awards them with medals. During the party, the others wondered why the Cutie Mark Crusaders didn't even bother to show up. Twilight goes to her office and finds the note. She became shocked when she learns they feel guilty and betrayed by Cozy Glow and blaming themselves for giving her the knowledge of friendship for evil. They decided to resign their tutor times at the School of Friendship and go back to their own school with Miss Cheerlie. The Mane six went to the Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse to try to convince them to reconsider but they refuse and sadly walked away.

Act 2: Back at the castle, the mane 6, Spike, and Starlight are in the throne room feeling bad for the Cutie Mark Crusaders for what Cozy Glow did to take over the school the Mane Six return and things didn't go so well for them either. Starlight haunches that not only they were by Cozy Glow, but they were unappreciated because they never got a chance to save the school and Equestria from her, and Twilight agrees. At first Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash are worried, but Twilight clearly tells them that they're not the same fillies anymore that they are growing up and they have to make their own decisions. The others agree so they decided to come up with a way to cheer them up and honor them as heroes. The next day, Twilight gathers her students to figure a way to cheer the Crusaders up. Unaware that mystery hooded figure was spying on them. Meanwhile at the Ponyville Schoolhouse, the CMC converse with Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon about the Cozy Glow incident. The former bullies admit their regrets, but CMC decided to end crusading days forever. Diamond and Silver rush to friendship school to warn Twilight but were captured by the hooded figure revealing to be Rover the Diamond Dog.

Act 3: Rover sends the crusaders a note that and the other two Diamond Dogs have their friends hostage at the Applosan mountains. The Fillies took the train to the mountains and overheard their conversation between their friends and the dogs. they explained that the girls helped other ponies and other creatures with their problems, if it wasn't for them, they would've helped the young six-stop Cozy Glow, Hearing those words boosted their confidence, outsmart the diamond dogs and save their friends. The next morning, The Cutie Mark Crusaders were on their way to the Ponyville Schoolhouse but then Pinkie shows up and tells them that Twilight has invited them to come to the School of Friendship for a surprise, They arrived they were completely surprised that it was a party just for them and to celebrate their bravery and defeating the diamond dogs and declare them as heroes of the school of friendship Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash couldn't be prouder of their sisters and that they learn that it doesn't matter if your young or old enough to become heroes. With that, they happily decided to stay at the School of Friendship as tutors and Twilight tells them that she talk to Cheerliee about what's been going on and she gladly accepts their time at Twilight's school and everyone celebrates.

Anyway, shouldn't you be editing the MLP pages on miraheze.org

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