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Do you create headcanons in your head, but leave them to rot due to your writing limits?

Do you create topographical maps of Equestria for your stories?

Do you wonder whether Equis' system is heliocentric or not?

Then this is the group for you!

Hopefully, this group will fill you in on those needs!

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Special thanks to Karibela, who supplied the banner!

Totally out of nowhere, too..

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what tipe of post should we make about his ?

for our pegasus

Shame I haven't developed any of my main stories to the point I can add em here. But, future goal.

In my version of Equestria, there's a country populated by Spanish-speaking llamas. Finally, I have a place to put that world.

I love worldbuilding, glad I found this.

Well, this is a my little pony site... what do you think?

So is this just for MLP world-building or can we also post headcanons for other franchises that we have and would like to share?

That is a very good reason. I have several months left, and I’m really busy this month. I’ll let you know when it gets closer to a year for me.

Uh, I just got messaged out of nowhere by Karibela, and she had a banner for me. I was happy to take it. If you’re talking about the previous one, it was a map by Meep the Changeling, a very good worldbuilder.

Just post in the forum ;)

Because I don’t want some random noob who’s just joined to ask to be an admin.
However if you’re very close I can be lenient.

World building, my favorite hobby:pinkiesmile:
I have quite a few plans in mind already:pinkiecrazy:

Why do we need to have an account for a minimum of 12 months?

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