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On Known Creatures is a world building group for the public. Definitive entries can be made by anyone, and anyone can ask questions. Please do not participate in or start fights.

Oh, hey! And you can go to this group for more general worldbuilding!

Stories should be entered into the correct folder; we are not here to patrol folders. If the folder does not exist, please contact the founder and ask for it to be made; it will be made if it is needed. You do not need to own the story to submit it, but if the author asks you to remove it, please do so promptly.

Requests for definitions can also be made it the comments, and we're sure that we or another user will respond!


When making entries, please label correctly.

Stories Containing Bestiaries (Bestiary) -- Pitches and promotion for stories containing one or more bestiaries.

Races and Creatures (R&C) -- Definitieve entries on a race or creature, or questions relating to the creatures as a species or race.

Habitats and Territory (H&T) -- The countries, cities, and locations of a species or race, and details/questions on territory management, average size, etc..

Myths and Folklore (M&F) -- The legends, beliefs and practices by the creatures in question (generally only for use on sapient creatures)

Racial Statuses and Classes (RSC) -- Descriptions and/of the development of classes among a species, such as Mages, Warriors, Hunters, etc.

Non-Pony Antagonists and Protagonists (NAP) -- Descriptions of the species of non-pony protagonists and antagonists from previous generations of the show.

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Why did I not join this group sooner?!

Hunter's Path Chapter Update
With a new chapter of Hunter's Path Fiora takes on a job for the young noble mare she had rescued. At sea, more and more is revealed about the secrets sailing across the Far Coast, and Fiora will finally find time away from hunting monsters and saving nobles to reflect on herself.

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