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Too many ideas, too little time.

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Going slow · 3:14am March 11th

Things are going good right now, I have a clear direction for the stories I'm currently writing, however, time constraints simply don't allow me to put these ideas into text as of right now. I don't expect things to get less busy for quite a while, but in a few weeks I should be able to push through and start producing more chapters.

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The most important thing about immortality is to change. Our brains seek to make life easier, and in many cases keeping a predictable constant is the most pleasurable thing since familiarity is easier to deal with than unfamiliarity. But if one is immortal, to prevent oneself from facing life as a prison, there must be change and acceptance that even everlasting life yields to the ever stronger power of nature and time.

so much to read.
so much hidden potential.
I will follow you and hope to see more from you in the future.
That being said i want to ask you something just for the sake of it:

What is the most important thing you can think off about Inmortality?

I'm definitely more Sunset than I am Starlight.

Je me trouve entre Sunset et Starlight. Ils sont ma favorite parce que ils sont une parte de la "nouveaux generation." Les deux, ils apprennent de Twilight de amitiƩ. Aussi, (I have an English keyboard and getting/ignoring the accents is too tedious) despite her performance in the first movie, Sunset represents a much more realistic and mediated approach to characterization in the show, just like Starlight.

From the last movie, I distinctly remember Sunset saying "people that chipper make me uncomfortable," before Pinkie shows up as the exception. I already liked Sunset, but in that she shows that she's -ahem- more "human" and not easily defined as "the happy one" or "the competitive one" or "the fashion one." She shows clear likes and dislikes, creating a personality more likable than the other one-note EQG characters. Also, damn she rocks a leather jack.

If Starlight wasn't clearly the successor of Twilight, Sunset would be my clear pick. But a combination of her reckless, almost remorseless, use of magic and obviously younger personality has an unquantifiable charm. I know some hardcore fans don't accept a world where Twilight has wings, but for better or worse I am of the mind that we cannot live in the good days of the past. If so, we'd still be hearing from every star football player in high school.

Since Starlight is the new generation for ponies, with her roster of friends by her side, I am not surprised to find myself liking this post-rebellious young adult forging her path through Equestria.

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