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Lesson 2: Goal, Motive, and Means · 8:42pm September 18th

Lesson 2: Goal, Motive, and Means

Last lesson we discussed the importance of setting up elements that will give a fight scene emotional investment and relevance to the plot. Stories are in the business of making the reader experience an event, we are not in the business of visual spectacle. Now we shall begin our discussion on how to really write an action scene.

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Two things:

1. I see you're currently making reviews for different stories. If you'd like, I could share any of my own stories.:derpytongue2:

2. It's been some time since I gave you my Follow, so I guess I'll get to read your stories anytime.:ajsmug:

Thanks for the watch! I really appreciate it. :scootangel:

Thank you kindly for the watch!

Cheers, bud, for the comment and the follow! Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks! I've been taking time with the next chapter of The Age of Hunting, but it's nearly done.

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