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I don't always draw, but when I do, it's mediocre. But here it is anyway.

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Multiplet Midnight Madness (Surf and/or Turf, Beastars, and Animal Allegory) · 8:32am October 13th

Just posted a short one, but I promised I'd do this, so here I am. Let's talk about animal allegory in My Little Pony and Beastars.

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That One Time I Made A Shipping Video

I looked to see whether Eldena Doubleca5t had made a video on My Little Pony ships. Seeing as that has not happened, and I can find no fan-made videos, I have taken it upon myself to throw this video together to stave off the desire to see MLP ships, at least until a real video comes around. All images were taken from Google.

Check out Eldena Doubleca5t, the original source of the audio:

I Review Stories

Previously I made review requests at random times. It was easy on me but a little chaotic. So now, I just make the requests on my page. If you want a review, leave a comment on my page or a direct message with the link. I'm willing to take a look if I have time. However, I do have a number of requirements:

1. No stories with red tags. Mature themes are okay but I'm hypercritical of the excessive use of gore/death/violence. If you believe you don't use those tags for shock value, I'm willing to take a look. Sex/clop is hard no, however.
2. I have time, but not infinite time. Writing a 20k word story takes me a few days so I will also put my reading at that cap (if it's a little over like 21k that's also fine). For longer stories, I will base my review on the first 20k words.
3. Must be complete, or a major part/arc of the story is complete. (If you plan to have a longer story, but the first parts add up to the word cap, I will still look at them).
4. This one's not a limit, but just a warning. I'm not your spell check or editor, I expect a polished work if you're asking for a review. If there are severe grammatical or spelling errors I will rate it harshly.

Below are links to reviews I have recently done. I try to be as fair as possible, so expect this level of criticism:






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I would like a review, please. For this story:
Injector Doe: That Indestructible Something
A young woman awakens transformed into an Equestrian pony - yet no other human being can perceive her new body in any way whatsoever. With clumsy hooves, but a bright mind, Gregoria Samson must trust in herself to discover the incredible, monumental truth behind her impossible change.

As Featured On Equestria Daily!

Hi there,

I saw your post asking for stories to review in my feed, so I figured I'd give it a try. This story was a bit of an experiment for me, so I'd be very interested to know how you would review it. It can be found here:

EBroken Mirror
Slowly, the magic faded out for the last time. Sunset sat slumped on her knees, staring through blurry eyes as the glow dissipated in the darkness. It was over. The portal was gone.
KatonRyu · 4.2k words  ·  37  3 · 827 views

Thanks in advance for giving it a shot!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the follow

Thanks for the follow. Hope you like my writing.

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