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I'm stumbling forward through life, but at least I'm still going forward.

I don't always draw, but when I do, it's mediocre. But here it is anyway.

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Art Commission Fundraiser · 7:54pm May 9th

A few days ago I posted a question (here) asking for people to rate my art with a price range that they would be willing to pay. For the next two weeks (end Sunday 23rd, I will be open to accepting commissions for art. But these payments won't be for me.

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That One Time I Made A Shipping Video

I looked to see whether Eldena Doubleca5t had made a video on My Little Pony ships. Seeing as that has not happened, and I can find no fan-made videos, I have taken it upon myself to throw this video together to stave off the desire to see MLP ships, at least until a real video comes around. All images were taken from Google.

Check out Eldena Doubleca5t, the original source of the audio:

I Review Stories

Previously I made review requests at random times. It was easy on me but a little chaotic. So now, I just make the requests on my page. If you want a review, leave a comment on my page or a direct message with the link. I'm willing to take a look if I have time. However, I do have a number of requirements:

1. No stories with red tags. Mature themes are okay but I'm hypercritical of the excessive use of gore/death/violence. If you believe you don't use those tags for shock value, I'm willing to take a look. Sex/clop is hard no, however.
2. I have time, but not infinite time. Writing a 20k word story takes me a few days so I will also put my reading at that cap (if it's a little over like 21k that's also fine). For longer stories, I will base my review on the first 20k words.
3. Must be complete, or a major part/arc of the story is complete. (If you plan to have a longer story, but the first parts add up to the word cap, I will still look at them).
4. This one's not a limit, but just a warning. I'm not your spell check or editor, I expect a polished work if you're asking for a review. If there are severe grammatical or spelling errors I will rate it harshly.

Below are links to reviews I have recently done. I try to be as fair as possible, so expect this level of criticism: