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Under the light of our Esteemed Princess Luna, we welcome you with open arms to the New Lunar Republic. Here you are free from the tyranny of the Empress of the Sun. Here, you are free to live life as you please under our Republic. The wars we have fought for our freedom have not been in vain. Your freedoms were won upon the fields of battle and shall remain for generations to come. United we stand, together we thrive. Welcome to the New Lunar Republic.

Be sure to check out the:
Ground Forces.
The Air Force.
The Navy.
And the Military Police.

THREADS: No RP due to site rules. Discussions on NLR/Luna related topics is encouraged including episodes (new and old) and fan made content.

Children of the Night

Carbon Maestro - In The Night (feat. Haylizbeth)

RANKS will not be given out generously. They will be based off of ACTIVITY in the group.

PLEASE follow all Fimfiction rules and codes if this group is to remain alive.

ADD stories as often as you can but keep to the subject matter of the NLR or Lunar Guard if possible. It will be encouraged.

And remember to be courteous to our fellows (No 'attacking' each other, civilized debates are okay.)

We would once again like to extend our gratitude for your continued support of the group and please continue to do so.

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I can't believe you people are still using the symbol I made for Battlefield 4...... Hell I changed it slightly when I got booted but damn it's still here.

Ok nevermind the war is over,but I will be back at the next war to gain support from y'all

Guten Tag,I am new here and I was wondering if The New Lunar Republic would be willing to participate in my war against an evil Fascist who despises the night

I've heard that the war is over. I'm new to this so, is there an actual story or any way to tell who is winning or losing?

414060 Yeah, I remember. Unfortunately FIM FIC rules don't permit this any longer. Alas, one thing I used to do with my TF group was RP a story out and then fine tune it all into a Fan Fic, and the one comic.

414058 Yes but we used to have message threads. The mythical Fear Upon the Horizon (FUTH) started here and we had plenty of RP's on the NLRAF. It was what drew most people here and why we have that ranks stuff.

414044 We write and read stories based on the NLR. These can be one shots, full novels, co-ops (Pretty much RP in story format, something I've been doing where two or more author's work on the same story controlling their characters in a third person view point.) and discuss world building/seek help.

Prolog of my story is basicly finale of the first two episodes
Luna is secretly imprisoned and since then it is alternative universe with certain paralels to events in show
In time there are flashbacks and memories explaining what had happen and why is Celestia the way she is.
I never thought it to become canon to NLR or anything but maybe it will be interested enough to get few readers who would make a constructive comments

414050 The version we made was more fair to her. The war ended and Equestria was split in two going along a more middle section, making Ponyville like east and west Berlin.

Honestly Im working on " something " but fact is that I never posted my stories after my not sucessfull tries in furries long time ago.
Maybe I shoud try it after all.
I cant say it is good, nor specifically NLR, but maybe more like a basis or how would Equestria look like if Celestia really would be tyrant ( posing as benevolent ruler before whe is revealed )

405937 We RP'd at one point but that got banned. IDK what you guys do now.

409626 There isn't. As it stands there's no written story that is the basis for this group's position. The Admins were kicked out before I could write something but we had a few lines that we followed and honestly it's how it's going to stay unless something comes over me to make something.

413947 The "First War" was the Twilight War during the Nightmare Moon Era. The NLR didn't exist but Luna's army was known as the Evening Armada. They lost. I should know, I wrote the lore for this group.

413947 no problem, it had to be said

413946 thx I finally got a straight answer :pinkiegasp:

413842 there is no way the republic didn't win.
all hail the night

Hay I'm in the ground forces and my friend sed that we lost the first war and I was told that we won the war can someone please tell me the dam right answer

All Hail Luna! Long live the New Lunar Republic!

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