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Welcome to the New Lunar Republic; Air, Recruit! Your missions is to be the main support force of the NLR. You will be trained until it becomes your average day and you will not complain.
THREADS for Roleplays WILL be allowed. IF your thread is NSFW or Anthro please post that when creating the thread. When posting the Anthro/NSFW tags use brackets.
The Battle Of Rosenberg Hill (Anthro/NSFW)
Each Thread MUST have a basic description and rules.
This is a roleplay depicting the battle of one battalion against several SE bases.
No GodModding (Including Mary Sues)
RANKS will not be given out generously. (Yes it will) but will instead be based off of ACTIVITY in the group.
PLEASE follow all Fimfiction rules and codes because I get pinned with any stupid mistakes you make.
ADD stories when you feel like it. It will be encouraged.

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Hello im a new recruit!

So... Any Bat Ponies here at the time ? Not including me. Hello? Any bats out there?

I am a NLR Sky Marshall.

How do you add stories?

376698 Articles of Confederation was the original plan of the US's government. Basically people had all the power and Government was about as useful as the Queen of England is now.

376699 I think you're lost. 4chan's that way. Tell em I said hi though!

>NLR shit group
>Comments filled with argument about america's governmental system

What is this autism and where can I get some?


Do the Articles of Confederation ring any bells with you?

Why yes, good sir, yes they do.
But I don't think it rings the same bells you're trying to ring. :trixieshiftright:

No I don't.

Saying you are wrong and why isn't validating you, it's in fact saying you are wrong and why.

376558 point missed sir. Point is you more or less validate what I had said previously.

We can definitely argue semantics.

And my semantics are right.

376556 we can sit here and argue semantics but point is the people on this mound of dirt didn't get government right.

It wasn't America.

America's first try was a republic.

The Articles and the United States are completely different countries.

376554 that being my point. America didn't get government right the first time.

The Articles of the Confederation was not only the doctrine, but also the name of the country which spanned exactly six years.

It was therefore not the US.


You guys do know roleplaying has been banned right? Just a heads up.

376518 Okay.... Do the Articles of Confederation ring any bells with you? THAT was America's first government. And to clarify, where did we ever say Luna wasn't elected as our leader until her death or she chose to leave office? Whoever said we couldn't vote her out. I would advise against it. because politics is awful as is.

Some things to consider:
-Luna was voted in.
-Luna can be voted out.

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