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Welcome to the big league ponies! This is where you show the might of the NLR in every trick and turn. The sky is the limit and don't you forget that! Your job is to please families with speed, style, and might! In times of crisis you will be the first in and the last out! The assembly we have is great. All the branches are represented in the wings of this group. And not all the SE in tarturus can overpower you! NOW LETS GET IN THE AIR!

(This is a selective group on ACTIVITY please send me a request before joining. (If i already confirmed PLEASE don't))
(This group will be carried into the main NLR in RPs.)
(Uniforms are the standard Shadowbolt))

THREADS for Roleplays WILL be allowed. IF your thread is NSFW or Anthro please post that when creating the thread. When posting the Anthro/NSFW tags use brackets.
The Battle Of Rosenberg Hill (Anthro/NSFW)
Each Thread MUST have a basic description and rules.
This is a roleplay depicting the battle of one battalion against several SE bases.
No GodModding (Including Mary Sues)

RANKS will not be given out generously. (Yes it will) but will instead be based off of ACTIVITY in the group.

PLEASE follow all Fimfiction rules and codes because I get pinned with any stupid mistakes you make.

ADD stories when you feel like it. It will be encouraged.

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