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2.I am the in-show equivalent to being 16. So.... whatever that is in pony years unless the show goes by human years. Idk.
3.Race: Unicorn with Mechanical Wings
3.Mane Color: Midnight blue with navy streaks
4.Coat Color: midnight purple
5.Eye Color: cardinal
6.Cutie Mark: Stealth. Outside of combat/war, its tinkering/inventing.
7.Fighting style: Im not afraid to get physical and hammer the enemy with unrelenting force, but I prefer stealth attacks.
8.Personality: Friendly, but shady. I have a deep black cloak I wear a lot, and I can get annoyed easily, but for the most part I am nice and loyal.
9. what type of weapon do you like to use? I have a hoof-attached knife type thing that I invented where if I stamp my hoof on the ground twice, it pops out. If stealth is not an option/ Im bored and wanna go mayo, then I just use whatever somepony can give me and If possible use it alongside my knife.

Race:50%unicorn and 50%wolf (I just look like a unicorn with sharpe teeth)
Mane Color:Jet Black
Coat Color:Jet Black
Eye Color:Bright Red
Cutie Mark:A Bottle Of Poison.
Special Talent:Master Of All Things Poison
Combat Style:All-Around but prefers mid to close range combat
Personality:Always serious
What Type Of Weapon Do I Like To Use:My Magic,My Venomous Teeth,Poison Smoke Bombs,2 Twin Combat Knives,My Hooves,And Last But not least My Homade Costume Sythe. (Btw I mostly Use Poison Magic and everything on this weapon list that has a blade is Very Poisonous.

1.Name: Thunder Robert Bolt [Admiral of Lunar Republic HYPNO-Soldier Division]

2.Age: 1,015 [But technically I'm only 15 since Celestia banished me for a thousand years.]

3.Race: Alicorn [Carloginian Descendant]

3.Mane Color: Red-Orange, Dark Blue [If in anger driven mode, White and Grey]

4.Coat Color: Light Blue [If in anger driven mode, Black]

5.Eye Color: Steel Grey

6.Cutie Mark: Sledgehammer with blue lightning bolts around it. Special talent is blacksmithing.

7.Fighting style: All around but prefers sword fighting or hoof-to-hoof combat

8.Personality: Serious at times but also can be light-hearted and happy; Does not like to be called a coward and has never liked Celestia.

9. what tip of weapon do you like to use? Sword, Mjilnir, or custom made explosive mechanisms.

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