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Lord Quantus Mechanicus

Quan-tum Me-chan-ics (N): The branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles.


So it turns out I still live · 2:22am May 3rd, 2023

I know many of you may have forgot about me but I am still here
I took many years off from writing to get my life together. Many rough patches and existential crises happened along the way. Not only that but I fell out of the fandom around the time I stopped writing. I do want to have at least one story under my belt I can share. No matter how good or bad it may be. I have matured over the years and I do think I can write something much better than what I had before.

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A wee bit about me. [UPDATED]

My name is Quantum Mechanic but my real name is Shane. I was born in Pennsylvania only a few miles south of Pittsburgh. My previous account name was "Heir Soldier" but the character thumbnail has stayed the same. I am 18 yoa since March 31 of this year and I have officially been in the MLP fandom for about 5 years and those four years have been some of the best years of my life.

I am a fan of the Doom, Fallout, Battlefield, COD, and Halo video games although Fallout - New Vegas is my favorite out of them all in terms of console video games. My favorite PC video game is DOOM II: Hell on Earth.

My favorite TV show (other than MLP), is probably Doctor Who, but I like Sherlock and Supernatural just as much. My sister showed me Sherlock and Supernatural, I showed her Doctor Who and thus made me a part of the SuperWhoLock fandom.

My favorite pone is Starlight Glimmer. My favorite princess is Princess Luna. When I draw a ponysona of myself, I always draw myself as a pegasus rather than a unicorn/alicorn.

If you want to ask me anything (with of course a few exceptions), just post them in the comments section below. Have a good day and enjoy all that you read.

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Can I have a new invite? I forgot that I had it and I've been away from fimfiction for too long.

can't wait to see you in the comments then and I'll hold you too that, if you wanna join my discord and talk while I write it, come on in.
kitsuga: https://discord.gg/Pj2hbJ8

Interesting. I'll definitely give your fic a read.

Fiaura is a Goddess of Fire, Passion, and Rage.
As for the character Wandering Sunrise in FoE: Dead Tree; she represents something of the Sunrise, you know it will come just not when. You know it will come from the same direction and return to the same place; just not how or when.

Quantum Mechanics is a term that explains the fundamental interactions with objects at a subatomic and microscopic level. In my opinion, the best way to understand how something large works, you must also understand everything small that goes into it. For example, a car runs off an engine, which runs off of a chemical reactions, which runs on fuel, which is comprised of molecules. Small things, if changed, can have a bigger impact on things in the long run. I myself chose this name because I, within my friend group was the one fundamental difference that brought them and many other people together. Just as a change in one object or chemical can make something work or fail, I was the thing that made a difference within other people's lives.

What about your name though? Is it your real name or is there something behind it too?

So hi there! Thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy Bone Daddy and Dead Tree. I just finished the outline to my next story and we're about to finish up chapter 18 of Dead Tree.

Very good pick for favorite game ;) but the others I'm on the fence about a few, you obviously like shooters but a lot is in a name, why call yourself Quantum Mechanic?

No worries mate! I appreciate it all the same!

Oh, sorry. Happy Birthday for March 31st.

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