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Luna Lily Ruby

Hi! Call me Lily! I was first introduced to the fandom when The Crystal Empire parts one and two, first came out on disk. I'm a HUGE fan of Luna, though no hate on any of the other princesses.#MLP4vr!

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Help Wanted · 7:00pm Aug 25th, 2016

Hey guys! Sorry for the long leave, I was a bit busy! Anywho, I would appreciate it if somepony was willing to edit my stories. This does mean you get to help guide where it goes, see new stories and chapters before anypony else and help look for artwork you'd think would go well with the story. Maybe I'm not looking for an editor, now that I think about it. A co-writer would be great too! If any of you are interested, please Private Message me, so we can work out the details!

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I know this is late, but happy holidays to you too! :derpytongue2:

Will do!

And happy holidays! :eeyup:

:) Well tell your friend someone noticed just how talented he is.

Thanks! A friend of mine drew the pixie this profile pic is from, and he draws a lot of jock characters. Glad you like it!

Oh, I just add random things to random shelves... Sometimes for organization, sometimes because I'm too lazy to organize. Also, I love the profile pic. Reminds me of a military/cool jock hybrid. Have no idea why...:rainbowlaugh:

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