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All Hail the New Lunar Republic! Join Luna's army today!

The Luna's favorites folder is the only folder you can't just add stories to without asking me.You must ask if I've read the story before you add it and see if I approve.Everything else is self explanatory.Banner(that's supposed to be their but won't show up on my computer) done by lazypixel on deviantart.
Keep it pg at least or put it in the right folder

For Luna!

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May our dark flag reign over the dogs of the Solar Empire!

Long Live Luna!!

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373717 to me Elric is right, we should search if a group is on here, so we don't end up with a million of one group

Because it's less about being enthused about a topic, and more about a desperate grab for popularity or acknowledgement. :twilightsmile:

That's another thing -- why doesn't anybody run a group search before they start a new one?

It's not a republic when your leader is an unelected monarch.

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