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MLP Marathon: Day 28. My Little Pony The Movie Review · 11:30pm February 28th

Got through the 28th and Final Day of my Month Long MLP Marathon! It has been a LONG road ever since I began back at the beginning of the Month! Now..... On to the Review! :D

So.... My Little Pony The Movie...... It... was..... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, it was BY FAR the best thing to happen for G4 of MLP in the year 2017! 2 more reasons why I love the MLP Movie:

1. It introduced my Favorite MLP Movie Character: Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berry Twist

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(Sorry for the really late reply, but end-of-the-year exams were upon me, and I didn't have time for weeks)

Ah yes... my profile picture. Funny thing, how I came by that. I was actually searching on google for a Twilight one, but then I found that picture, and it seemed good, but I skipped it at first, because Twilight. But when I couldn't find any, the picture came back to me, and in the end it was that one which got picked; and I don't regret it, it's a funny picture when one takes in the details — Lyra's look, the tabs she has open, and the page she's viewing right now. Anyway, here's the full story, if you care to give it a read.

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