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I Love Sunset Shimmer

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First Blog Post (100 Followers!!!) · 9:18pm September 8th

so this is my first Blog Post on FIMFiction and a very good one indeed. I have reach 100 Followers on FIMFiction!!! in honor for this occasion, I will play some of my favorite Pokémon Music =3 Enjoy! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2: :raritystarry: :ajsmug: :twilightsmile: :yay:

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Hey, you said you were seeing the movie.
Have you seen it yet?
I saw it today! :heart::pinkiehappy::yay::raritystarry:

Thanks for the follow! :ajsmug:

your welcome =3

well..... nice Midnight Sparkle profile picture :)

Thank you for the follow. Is it due to my stories or something else maybe? Just curious. :twilightsmile:

Heh. your welcome =3

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my favorite stories!

My Favorite Sunset Shimmer Stories! :3

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  • Long Road to Friendship As punishment for her crimes, the Elements have cursed Sunset Shimmer to do favors for anyone who asks. Lucky her. And then there's that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into... by The Albinocorn 213,109 words · 29,802 views · 2,654 likes · 70 dislikes
  • Sunset's Student Sweetie Belle attemps to learn more about magic from a returning Sunset Shimmer, but there's much more to Sunset's visit than just tutoring Sweetie. by Manaphy 72,780 words · 2,282 views · 142 likes · 9 dislikes
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  • My Past Is Not Today Across the world, people are changing and waking up as... ponies. I myself find myself with... red hair with blonde highlights, or is it blonde hair with red highlights? No idea, but I'm a horse. Neigh I say, it is that way apparently. by MidnightChaos 1,371 words · 816 views · 31 likes · 6 dislikes