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Where we give all the love to little Sparkler.

Sparkler doesn't get enough love around here. There aren't that many fan fictions that have Sparkler as a main character. In fact, there aren't that many fics that have Sparkler in them at all! But this is a group that is all about Sparkler. Sparkler gets all the love around her. In fact, here are some Sparkler approved rules:


1) Please respect each other. We don't want anyone to feel bad here. We just want everyone to be happy and write stories about Sparkler. So don't say anything rude about anyone or there work. You can use constructive critism but nothing that will hurt.

2) No innapropriate stuff! There is to be no nsfw content or imagery. Sparkler would enjoy it if you didn't write anything that has bad words, suggestive themes, or anything else innapropriate. However, you can write romance stories.

3) Put your stories into the correct folder. There will be folders for everything! From sad to dark to anthro to human to romance.

4) Have fun!

Sparkler (and MyLittleTwiCakez) and others cannot wait to read your stories, so have fun and use your imaginative creativity.

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