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Do you love evil Cozy Glow? If yes, then this is the place for you!

It can be her past
Maybe a redemption
Or just anything in general to do with this cute little gremlin being evil.

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I and another person have some COzy Glow fics we wouldn't mind being added here

Bizarre Happenings and Unexpected Aftermath

I personally like Cozy Glow and I like how she always said that Grogar put her in charge in "Frenemies." I honestly wish they would have had her drain Tirek and Chrysalis's magic with that bell and then take it on herself. She could have massive amounts of magic flowing through her when she took on the Mane Six.....Cozy would have been invincible!


Cute and loveable!

As she'd say herself. Lol.


Cute and loveable!

As she'd say herself. Lol.

Indeed she is, and she's as cute as a button:scootangel:!

Cozy is simply fun to watch.

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