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Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither.

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I'm a lurker by nature.

I tend to just read up on sites and other stuff, instead of you know getting in on the action.

I think this might be my first fandom since KP I've joined. I think the show is pretty good. I watch it when I can, which is easy now that I have a niece to care for at times. She loves the show and I can watch it and enjoy it without just lurking.

I'm a gamer and a lover of writing by trade. Though i've been in a rut about writing lately. Though if needed I can whip up a mean story.

Overall I love gaming! I'm a Sony fan I have every console, including The Vita.

But I also own a Wii U, Wii, X-box, 360 and one.

I guess I hope to just make friends here, kind of a loner at heart so maybe I can open up here.



Good News! · 4:08am March 21st

I need to be honest, the last few days.

I've not really had my heart in this place, when RL comes knocking usually it's the Fan Writing Site to take the hit.

So if I've been loosey-goosey here with anyone, I apologise.

That said, the reason I've been lacking is, I've been working towards a promotion at work!

One that as of today, I've gotten!

That means more monies, less hours and more time to invest on leisure activities!

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I like the new profile pic!

Cheers for all the favourites!

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