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They asked me if I had a type...I said grass type...THEY WEREN'T TALKING ABOUT POKÉMON!!

Hello I'm Forgetful! <3

Hello! :heart:

I'm Forgetful, and for the longest time I didn't know I even had a Bio Page!

Now it's Totes Cute!!

I'm just a Bubbly Pegasister, I love to chat and cheer people up!

I've had a few Dark things happen to me, some nearly breaking my spirit.

But I learned that happiness never comes from spoiling yourself.

No it comes from sharing!

Be it a smile, a laugh or in some other way!!

I only began to find happiness again once I opened my heart to help others.

I love to chat.

I'm super bubbly and love hugs!

IRL I'm a bit shy like Marble Pie Shy, lol.

My fave thing to do is be Generous with my blessings!

I'm hoping to become a decent writer.

I'm like a noob drawer.

I rarely play Games anymore, but I try at times.

I love the color Pink!

Tacos are awesome possum!

The Sirens are adorable!

Ponk is Best Pone!

If you ever want an Art of your Oc done, Pm me and let me know!

Once I have funding free, I'll totes buy you one!

FYI, I'm called Forgetful because...

Well I'm really Flighty IRL.


Why Do I Change Avatars So Often? ~ Because A Girl Needs To Look Fabulous! :heart:

Make Sure To Share Good Times With Your Friends! :heart:

Get Out There And Have Fun! :heart:

Forgetful Art Corner! <3

What I'm Baking! <3


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XD, just noticed my dum dum mistake! :facehoof:

Yes I'm a total ditz!

"Hapoy" 2023 to you, silly filly! :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

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