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Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither.📚


Lookin Fancy. · 12:19am July 21st

Chucky looking a bit posh for his upcoming TV Series, I can groove to it.

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Imagination Intensifies. · 12:26am July 19th

After much thought, I've decided my next story will be about Baguettes.

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That Feeling... · 3:09am July 18th

I got asked out to lunch today, and it seemed like a nice place atop this hill.

But when we got inside the waitress rushed us to order, I literally looked at the menu for less than a minute.

I ended up with a chicken finger plate, the sides I got two but they were all potatoes of some kind, I mean no salad or anything.

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I Actually Found Slushies! · 4:21pm June 29th

You might not know this, but I love myself a good slushie!

Which is a total bummer when all your town sells is Crocodile Ice. Which in my flavorful opinion is actually quite sour and tart. I much prefer the smooth fruity texture of a good slushie, the more fruity the better!

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Storming Up A Storm Right Now. 🌩 · 9:15pm June 2nd

Pretty ugly looking outside at the mo.

Just the trees rocking makes me nervous.

A good shower I always find pretty, lol.


Jackpot! 💫 · 4:48pm June 2nd

I was scrounging around my local pawn shop, because I like to scrounge.

And a new shipment of movies got released, you see they like have a total surplus of movies in the back. So they sell all movies BR or DVD at like 50 cents or a quarter.

Usually I'm expecting a old horror movie or two.

But instead they put out every Star Wars movie, minus A solo movie and Rouge.

The original trilogy is in this collectors box thing, still in plastic.

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Hugs! · 11:16pm May 30th

I know the last few months I've been distant, just tons of stuff to deal with. But know to all those kind hearts who sent me pms when I was sad, and all those who took time to simply say hello. It meant the world to me, it wasn't ignored or forgotten but cherished!

Hugs to you all, with all my love.

Thank you, truly.


Blame The Rank System! · 3:42pm March 9th

There's this one team on DBD, that I just seem to face tons.

Not the normal tons either, like 10.

More like we've fought each other around at least a hundred times.

Same four Survive With Friends.

I'm the same Susie.

And I always get a Merciless Victory on them.

Even got a few Pms from them, Saying "You Again?"

Brings a smile to my face though when I run across them though.

I feel like this accurately shows how we see each other...

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Dat Choice Tho. · 11:43pm March 8th

I just barely collected every Killer Perk in the game for my Legion on Dead By Daylight.

Hours of grinding for the ultimate Legion experience.

But I forgot I'm on Prestige 1.

Do I forsake hours of grinding out perks and easy as pie games, being able to do whatever build I want!!!

For a blood stained hoodie.

Ultimate power!

But then again...

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Whatever I'm Getting Annoyed. · 10:38pm March 3rd

I dunno I poked and annoyed my G-Docs enough that it basically started to delete my stuff? I think?

Idk, I restarted my Computer and accidentally wiped most of everything away.

No idea what I'm doing, but that said I saved a few things and lost tons others.

I'm just updating what I have soon, and try to fix everything later.