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Ponies of Hope Hollow Contest! · 7:36pm July 3rd

I'm hosting a writing contest in the Rainbow Roadtrip Fanclub!

It involves a $120 in prizes!

Centered on writing fiction for Rainbow Roadtrip's lovely new setting Hope Hollow and all the wonderful ponies living within!

If interested in joining the contest , simply join the group and give it a whirl!

Have fun and create something full of color!

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Business Blog. · 12:41am June 28th

I finally did it!

I found "The One" avatar wise.

It has one of my favorite ponies, matches my flippant attitude ,and of course has Empathy Cocoa.

So those who hated me changing avatars, like a girl changes clothes.

Who thought I was hot then cold, yes and then no.

Rest easy, knowing this is the avatar to stay!

Empathy Cocoa Glimmer one I mean, Not human glimmer...she just has a business face imo. :rainbowlaugh:

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Personal Blog 1 Of 4 : Movie Madness Or... · 7:55pm June 24th

This is another vent blog, so heads up on that.

If you were ever curious about me, I mean why would you right!?

My job is both Cool and simultaneously Lame.

Well I work for a place called Sight and Sound.

It's a Movie Rental Store, think of it as a Mom & Pop Blockbuster or Movie Gallery.

I'm so out of style I work at a store that should've went the way of the VCR years ago, when the digital age sprung up.

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Yeet! · 4:27am June 24th

Reached 80 Followers!

These milestones keep coming awesomely fast, lol.

I'm thankful for everyone whose decided to give me a chance!

You're the real MVP's!

Or I guess MVR?

Most Valuable Readers?

Anyhow, the one big thing I have planned. Is if I ever reach 100 Followers, I'll be opening a Q&A!

So for 80 I don't really have anything planned.

I suppose I can post a personal blog?

Tell a little bit about myself.

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Pretty Tired. · 4:16am June 20th

I have tons of comments to reply to.

I'm just a bit sleepy, so instead of lack luster replies.

I'll reply first thing after my morning coffee!

See you then!:heart:

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Effort. · 3:24am June 19th

I'm putting most of my energy into Cthulhu Shy, I have chapter 3 just waiting for TLC before posting.

But tomorrow I'll be working pretty late, so I might not be able to update.

1- 11 P.M.

Oi, not looking forward to it!

How come the other girls can always call in or duck out on the work schedule?

But I try to and I get like griped at?


Meh, at least my paycheck will nice and plump this week.

I'll sink it all into my secret Game App addiction.

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Found My Unnecessarily Old OC'S! O_o · 7:44pm June 17th

I found my old OC’s I own!

It has been a long time since I've seen them.

The first one is called Pestilence, She's a mare who is able to overcome any disease or sickness known to ponykind. After years of being thought as sickly, disgusting and filthy, she turns into a villain in search of revenge against a world who despises her.

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Patience. · 1:11am June 16th

For those interested to know, this past week my dog passed away.

I burried him outside in my backyard, he was hit purposely by some piece of trash I saw speed away. I cared for him for a bit, praying it was just his legs broken. But before the vet could open he had already went on.

I couldn't bring myself to write all this week, I still feeling bleh as is.

But he'd not like me wallowing in my sadness, he always loved it when I was happy.

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A Lackluster Milestone Blog XD · 8:48pm June 8th


I'm late to my own party, aren't I cool?

Honestly though, ty for all 67 Followers!

You guys are amazing and always make me smile!:pinkiesmile:

Now onto the...

Update Info!

Been thinking on my update schedule, since my other one never seemed to work out, I was always behind on it lol.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going to try out a long range update plan.

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Just A Quickie. · 3:45am June 8th


Letting you all know I'm feeling tons better now, I had the stomach flu and basically been in bed all week.

Though now I'm feeling great, so tomorrow I'll be returning with my planned update as well as a few story updates.

Need to get back into the swing of things lol.

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