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I'm An Educated Baka With Money On My Mind. UwU 💖


So... My Friend Asked If I Wanted To Smoke Pot... I Was Basically Like... · 6:47pm August 21st

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I Officially Have My Heart Complete! 💞 · 3:38am August 5th

As of tonight, I'm officially together with the most sweet guy on the planet!

He's been my guardian angel for the last few months, helping me overcome not only my depression but also giving me renewed faith about this world in general!

He's truly a gift to my world, and I'm happy to have met him!

I love you, Kobe! 💞


Forgetful's Not So Forgettable Lake Trip! 💞 · 6:36pm August 3rd


I know I've been gone a short while, about a week.

But I had tons to do so I just decided to take the week off from online and enjoy the experiences that life can bring forth.

But what I really want to chat about is my trip down to the lake! ~ Squee!!

Yep, I took a trip out there with my newest friend and her friends.

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The Big 180! · 5:56pm July 23rd

Nope, I'm not 180 years old.

But I do have 180 Followers now! :pinkiegasp:

That's just totes mind shattering!!

I never did think I'd ever keep people's attention long enough to even break 100, but here we are nearing the mythical 200! 💞

Well since I'm nearing the Cereal Stage, I guess as a celebration of this milestone...

I'll start doing Daily Blogs!

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5th Feature! · 1:04am July 22nd


I got my 5th Feature on the non mature side of the site.

Pretty awesome to get on the board again, thank goodness the next few days are open.

I'll be able to focus on at a few more updates this week.

Love you all, Forgetful!


Yep... · 1:54am July 17th

I spent like 30 minutes trying to get the search groups bar to do something, turns out I was clicked on My Groups, which I've joined none. So that's why the page kept coming up blank lol.

Anyway I'm an idiot, just thought I'd share that.

That was my first ever blog post.

The foundation of my whole account.

Good to know...

Also I was pretty quick to call myself dumb. :rainbowlaugh:

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At Least It's Not Poofy! · 4:21pm July 16th

I've been having humidity problems with my hair, so I allowed my sister to style and shorten my hair a bit this morning.

I think it turned out pretty nice, though it was crazy seeing my poor hair being clipped.

New length for the summer!!

She also wants to touch up my color now, oi give your sister an inch and she'll take a mile!!

Lol, maybe I might....

Also behold the better quality of my newish camera!

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Bored Barn Jokes... Just Because. · 8:23pm July 13th

Because I'm bored and I don't post enough blogs that aren't business.

I feel like I'm a answering machine reminding you all of appointment dates.

So instead I'm going to post as many Barn Jokes that I can, off the top of my head.

Why Barn Jokes?

I don't know... Why not Barn Jokes?

Sheep rarely date... Because they're baashful.

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Tidying Up. ~ Story Cancellation And Removal Update. · 4:38pm July 10th

After much careful thought.

I've decided to clean up my stories page a tiny bit.

That said I'm removing Three Stories, which are M Rated.

I honestly just am not into M Rated Stuff, I myself would feel far more comfortable if they were removed.


The Muse.

In The End


The Cuddle Configuration.

Will each be removed and moved to my documents to be held in storage.

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Click, click, click, click... ~ Typing Intensifies ~ · 1:44am July 10th

My spirit to write has grown more recently, I have tons of ideas I'm working on at the moment.

But the one project I'm pouring my heart into right now is, Remember Me.

Though I do have others in the wings, including Late Night Mangoes, which I have not forgotten.

I'm simply a tad burnt out on humor, I want to focus on a more SoL story in which I can build upon character wise.

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