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im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun

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Rarity's coat is actually a light grey.


apologies · 10:41pm Sep 21st, 2021

I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I been struggling with severe writer's block and I can't seem to break free of it. I can get little burst of inspiration here and there but nothing that truley gets me out of the rut. I hate this feeling and it sucks


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i have i been intrested in the robo pony series

That's fair. It is a nice hat.

But, y'know, feel free to read one or two of em if you got the time. :twilightsheepish:

i havent read any of your work i just like your hat lol

Many thanks for the follow! I hope you continue to enjoy my work in the future. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 414 - 418 of 418
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