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im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun

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Sorry · 6:51am August 30th

I'm sorry for the lack of updates on my stories but things in my life have been stressful. What with the beer virus, and the recent divorce of my parents caused by my dad cheating on my mom and the fall out that happened with that whole mess. I just haven't had the time Nor energy to write. I don't plan on quitting but I will be on writing hiatus for a while until things in my life cool off. I am sorry it took this long to update you all.

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Hello, I just read the post and I am sincerely sorry for you.

Don't despair, I'm sure the situation will improve. :pinkiehappy:

Well you could try to write one if you want maybe take a page from beetle juice as well

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