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I write crossovers, play games and kick serious ass. Also, a real source of inspiration.

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Hey, thanks for the fave and the follow! Hope you like my stories :pinkiehappy:

Okay, I understand.

Sorry, not interested. I'm not really into Warhammer.

I want to show you something that you might interested, there is also a group called cmc 10k, and I am part of it.

You see this group is for fans of the CMC 10K by GatesMcCloud, and it is founded by PlanetsidePony last year.

It contained Twilight Sparkle as one of the chaos demon lords.

Here are the link.



the cmc 10k group had a forum that will allow you to present your cmc 10k story idea or cmc 10k what if story ideas.

To understand very carefully, it all started when Discord was released. The mane 6 were corrupted by chaos and were defeated. Without them, Cadance and Shining Armor had no chance at defeating the returning King Sombra and became his obedient crystal ponies; Shining being his 'avatar'. And Luna. Poor Luna. Her sister lost to the new king, Luna found herself succumbing to an ancient memory.

Now the survivors of Equestria live in Vanhoover: a city where great technology grows to bring about the life of the survivors and the changed changelings. It is protected by Empress Scootaloo, Grand Inquisitor Sweetie: Leader of the Sweetie Sisters of Battle, and Kommisar General Bloom: Head of technological development. All three lived through a tragic past and do all they can to fight against the encroaching powers of chaos, darkness, and crystals to bring just a little more light to the lives of those they protect and watch over.

I am very serious about it.

I don't watch the show anymore, but if I had to say, Twilight.

Hello Mkchief34, we had met before and I am here for a question, what is your my little pony friendship character?.

Thanks for the watch!

Thank you for the watch, dude.

Thank you soo much for following me its a honor.

Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Thanks for Favoriting Nopony Expects the Spanish Inquisition, I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

I have only played birthrights all the way, but I want play all of them (my friend is letting borrow his DS for the other two paths since he got them on the EStore), but... I'm one glutton for punishment... I want the best challenges possible, so I have been playing all of the FEF series on Lunatic mode

Thank you. I'm a big Fire Emblem fan as well. Which path did you take in Fates, BTW?

I was Revelations.

Thanks for the follow, here - *click* - have a follow! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Brickbrock24 deleted April 11th

Thanks for favoriting "The Measure of a Dragon!":twilightsmile:

Wasn't what I wanted.

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