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So, I'm autistic and I love to game. Bring it on. Currently working on several stories

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A Comprehensive list of my stories that are current, planned, and unplanned · 3:25pm Aug 17th, 2017

This blog will serve as a list where I will jot down story ideas, both planned and unplanned. I've lacked one of these for a while, now I have one. Refer to this list for story updates and new stories.

Bold-Planned to continue.
Italic-Unplanned, will write
Underline-Hiatus, no updates planned
Line through text-Cancelled, dead.
=======Main stories (excluding those completed)
Fire Emblem-Wake of Harmony
Equispartans II
Pokemon-Event Horizon

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Where to find me.

I play...Destiny 2, Halo 5, Titanfall 2, For Honor, and The Division.
Steam-Wolf of Thunder
Spiral Knights, Terraria

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Tibia honest "howls in the night" needs a new chapter but i snow that it's bean forgotten enjoy my post and punny jokes

Thanks for favouring and watching my work.

thanks for the fav:raritywink:

Thanks for the follow!

Again, no problem. Are OCs going to be in the story at all? Thinking of my Transformer OC, but it's your call.

2561023 Not a problem. Transformers may nt be one of my favorite fandoms, but you certainly got me hooked now. Keep it up.

And thank you for the watch!

Thanks for the bookshelf add!

Thank you for adding 'Six Brides For Six Brothers' to your favorites! It means a whole lot! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the follow. What was in the story that made you follow me?

Thanks alot :) Do you think you can spread this story around to give it more attentions please?:pinkiesad2:

2540218 I liked what I saw. That's all I need to say, really. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the follow, may I ask how I earned it?

Thanks for the Fav and the Watch^^

Thanks for the watch may I ask why you did so?

2535961 TBH, I didn't. Nice concept, bad execution.

Awww, i liked that story

What happened to Anon-A-Miss Datastream?

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