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So, I'm autistic and I love to game. Bring it on. Currently working on several stories

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A Comprehensive list of my stories that are current, planned, and unplanned · 3:25pm August 17th

This blog will serve as a list where I will jot down story ideas, both planned and unplanned. I've lacked one of these for a while, now I have one. Refer to this list for story updates and new stories.

Bold-Planned to continue.
Italic-Unplanned, will write
Underline-Hiatus, no updates planned
Line through text-Cancelled, dead.
=======Main stories (excluding those completed)
Fire Emblem-Wake of Harmony
Equispartans II

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Where else to find me and other stuff

Fanfiction.net-Mkchief34 (mostly my other stories I can't post here, such as my other non-MLP crossovers.)
Xbox One-EmberKnight4657 (I play Halo 5, The Division, For Honor, and Destiny 2. Unfortunately, my copy of Titanfall 2 was actually my brother's, and he has it now. He's in college, so he gets to take it. But restt assured, my other two Titanfall fanfictions here will continue as planned.))

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Heh, the odds of us posting a Halo story on the same day within an hour.

2529530 Yeah, lack of inspiration has kept me away from it. I had to uninstall it ue to lack of storage on my Xbox, so we'll see.

Are you going to finished For Honor- Conquest.

Comment posted by VapeLord deleted November 3rd

2511936 I wouldn't say god, but thanks for the support!

The Destiny Story god is following me?
*Happy squee*

You should try it, but before that you should joined it and PlanetsidePony will tell you all about it.

I have joined it too.

Have you heard of cmc 10k?, it was founded by PlanetsidePony a few months ago.

2505551 I want to keep track of things I like, that's why. Keep up the good writing!

Thanks for the Watch!:twilightsmile:

May I ask what it was for?

Thanks for the follow and fav :D

Thank you for the Favorites on my two stories! Remember to give a like and a comment if you haven't already, and check out my Patreon for some cool stuff! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Thank you for favouring and following 'BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony' :pinkiehappy:

Well thank you for the favorite!


Thanks for the Favourite. I didn't think I'd get one so quickly :twilightsmile:

And thanks your adding "Dawn" to your favourites as well. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch. :yay:

Thanks for watching!

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