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I'll see you Starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds. (Crossovers Only)

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Thanks for the watch.

Well, glad I could be somewhat of a motivation to you. Hope you continue to be entertained with what I have planned for the story and put a smile on your face.

No problem. It might get me back into writing my own Star Wars story.

Thanks for adding my Star Wars story to your favorites.

//////|\\\\\ Incoming Transmission /////|\\\\\ 

Greetings Guardian. The Vanguard Scribes have notified me of your recent addition of Transmission HD–007262020  to your personal archive. Your dedication to staying up to date on all Guardian Field Activity is commendable. Keep up the good work and Light be with you.

– Commander Zavala

(Thanks for taking interest in the story! Hope you're enjoying it!)

Yeah. Been busy. Haven't had much time to write.

I could be worse.

New chapter for the titanfall story ?????

Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

That's not why I'm asking, it's because I'm writing a fanfic of your Ghost Recon crossover where my Bionicle OC is in it, would like to read what I wrote so far?

Yeah, I played with the figures when I was a kid.

Not gonna do a story though. Way out of touch with it.

Ever heard of G1 Bionicle before?

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks a ton for the fav!

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Thanks for the bookshelf add!

  • Viewing 366 - 385 of 385
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